immigration – it’s more than incomplete, and shallow..

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rather than deep, but.

But that is our common situation.

So, on immigration,

my question is…what about the group of people we are not considering…

‘related to’ …the 800,000 some odd… children?

the veil…

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by Buck68
December 2nd, 2013

I don’t have a clue about any of you, but. But, I have sensed a spreading, measureless dullness this past week. Sudden strange bouts of loneliness come; i sweep them out of my house, yet they’ve returned, with accomplices, through every crack and door. As i attended a church this past weekend, i listened to a teacher, a singer, and a pastor grope for words, then recite old phrases. Were they weary, tired…burdened? I didn’t know; I didn’t bother to ask. I did participate… by using another person to find an excuse not to try again and visit a person in pain, losing her hope.

Those Christians call this season “Advent”. How much of it is the same old stuff, whether dressed up & marketed, or recited, or progressed, or blamed, or denied, or… “celebrated”? I mean, we all know how “they” are, rite? And it gets more and more, earlier & earlier, every year; no?

It is written to “always be ready to give account of the hope that is in you”.

What if that hope feels bad, left the building, is false… or you gave your hope away to some thing or some one to “be there for you” so you could feel… whatever… and some body or thing could do it or get it for you? It feels so rite to take whatever from the evil ones while creating trustworthy trillions of Full Faith and Credit out of… nothing. As long as i get more and not taken.

What if we re-Bogart ourselves Totally, Honestly, Actually, Really [THAR] in Diversity Casa Blanca… rounding up [each Breaking News, each press release, each fund raiser, each campaign, each organizing] all the usual suspects?

Since “lying doesn’t rise to the level”, then it surely makes sense to give your hope away… regardless of the intentions of who you gave it to, or what the new possessor of your former hope feels, says, thinks, or does. Let’s re-name Hope “Health Care” and say everybody who gave up their hope has access.

For we without hope need no Constitution; we have whatever we’re told; we’re continually told what is…is …”affordable”.

Those without hope have the Law of Lawlessness; especially when laws by any name abound. What “awareness” does any person without hope, “have”? The “awareness” of stimulated feelings… just like the animals and plants. “Happenings”, in FairSpeak. Now you have no hope, you don’t have to think about Health Care you need; nor, even whatever Health Care is…is. All you really need is… fright and outrage… and a little fingering to point you at who’s To Blame.

Meanwhile, we are amazed by what has never happened before in one second on a football field… until the next incredible, unbelievable… stimulating whatever… by all means necessary.

And eat… drink… and be merry. Well, only and EXACTLY if appropriate. This is your Freedom From Want; Freedom From Fear. Two outta 4 ain’t bad!

NOW, when the possessor of your hope wants you to fear; wants you to want; he will “raise your awareness” to feel, think, say, and do [FTSD] EXACTLY whatever necessary… so he can win by dying with the most stuff. It’s only natural: Science says so, and thassa Fact. Uh…unless there’s no oblivion.

And so the world approaches, progresses, celebrates Advent in the same old enticing ways – cloaked in evermore makeover coats of so many more stimulating colors. Never Going Back, Just Moving On, always getting better with more reps & experience.

But the LORD of Life, while we are yet ‘being ourselves’, ‘doing the best we can’ – gave His life BE CAUSE He first loved us… from the foundation of Creation.

And we Fairness Keepers of others’ souls didn’t come cheap. He submitted Himself to atone, to ransom each and all souls; and now to keep interceding for all our usual choices – and cleansing us of them. And for Whosoever accepts Him as Lord and Savior, immediately sends Another just like Him – the Spirit – to dwell in each soul. To dwell intimately, completely – yet never imposing or forcing – demonstrating every second in every way our freedom and liberty in His self-evident Truth – offering continual opportunity for each soul to hear, recognize, receive His Voice, His Word – and by invoking His faithfulness – turn and return … toward Life in His Name, by His love.

But why do we never stop wanting and remaking our veils? AND. Does Truth in Love, pierce any veil to reveal Jesus Christ, the one and only Hope Delivered in body, blood, and sacrifice for whosoever? The Truth of this Revelation? Is His Truth His love, His peace, His joy, His patience, His kindness, His goodness, His faithfulness, His gentleness, His self-control? Is MY truth… anger, hatred, blame, coveting, projecting, denying, avoiding, saying whatever, having no specific recollection, organizing but not knowing whatever went wrong, doing whatever i sincerely feel is right…to you…for me? Who’s the Lunatic? Who’s the Liar? Who is LORD?

Or shall we have our own gods, to raise our selves to use against each other? Or dispense with ‘spirituality’ altogether, and just Be Me… the hopeless, Not Once and No Future, King?

Who can see, whatever he is unwilling to see? Who can sense by any means, whatever he avoids, denies, or disguises? Yet who CANNOT SEE… Creation? Who does not know… neither he nor any man, built that?

Perhaps at this point… and every point in each soul – IT MATTERS. For upon what comes First, all else depends.

It all comes down to two things….

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by Buck68™, November 24th, 2013
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So sayeth Gil Brandt, NFL Media Senior Analyst, in this article on November 19th.
Gil Brant, NFL Media Senior Analyst, tells it all comes down to two things

What if Gil… got it right? What if, in truth [unchanging perfect accuracy by absolute moral authority], it all comes down to two things?

What is Truth – apart from Gil’s Truth – if Gil is not the Possessor – verily The Author and Perfecter of … Truth?

So Gil says it all comes down to two things… then just moves on to mention… more than two. So let’s scoop up a few of Gil’s candidates and bask in Gil’s NFL Media Senior Analyst wisdom.

How about “lack speed” and “to compete outside conference”? Obviously totally true. Whatever ‘speed’ exists on any team within Gil’s designated territory, it “lacks”. ALL the real players from all over this country now on these 12 real teams… “lack”. And NONE of these teams can “compete” “outside conference”. Not win a lot, not even can’t win at all, but completely unable to even ‘compete’ – i.e. try and in any way in any part of the thousands of statistical points of “analysis” …do better than any individual or any part of any team “outside conference”.

Well, OF COURSE I totally nit pick. OF COURSE, Gil did not EXACTLY say what he literally meant. But do not ask what Gil meant – say 3 Tru-dats, swallow it whole, and Just Move On?

How about “love” and “like even more”? So, there’s this unmeasurable, unfathomable, mysterious spirituality in humans that… conquers all… but? But you “like even more”… some other you pick?

How about “confidence and conviction”? I wonder – if I am “confident” it does not matter upon what basis or where I got that …feeling …from? Does all “confidence”… survive contact with an adversary? What about the legions of adversaries that “have” the “speed & quickness” … that others “lack”? This short approach to the cliff of reality… convicts me. It convicts me instinctively to “just move on”. Just move on – you know, coolspeak for avoid, deny… run away.

Gil: suppose that in our lives – all of us who feel right in our own mind – it all comes down to our bigotry [ignorance] and prejudice [our cognitive unmerited favoritism because whatever feeling or rationalization]? Both are founded on the human rock of offense, the grand unifying theory that self-evident deception that just keeps on progressing under that coat of many colors: I AM your hope, your keeper. I mean Gil – who’s the Boss – Him… or me?

No offense, Gil, but… your phone booth phone keeps ringing… just like mine. Nothing has happened to you [us] but such as is common to man…at every speed and quickness known to or conjured up by man.

As you already know [being ‘aware’], Gil, a discussion of tactics limited to “speed” and “quickness”… is as irrational as our seeking truth by substituting our feelings for Truth’s Author.

Perhaps upon what comes FIRST… all else depends?

you can keep it…

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by Buck68™, November 13th, 2013
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Can President Barack Obama “fundamentally redistribute” whatever stuff you have, no matter what?

What if President Bill Clinton tells President Barack Obama to change his law to let you keep your health care plan if you choose to?

Whatever! President Obama did not lie. Not one bit. Honest. I AM living proof…and so are you!

When my ends justify my means; when I AM right in my own mind… OF COURSE i can do no wrong. Can you? See? Simple isn’t it?

So how will our President keep redistributing your stuff? Easy. “Lying doesn’t rise to the level”… of the Keeper. It is you the citizen at the stake. You the citizen are staked to your Keeper, by all means necessary.

It is EXACTLY what President Obama said: his credibility is not at stake. All others’ credibility is at stake. Your Keeper’s credibility is NEVER at stake. YOU ARE.

Let this Kid tell all you Specials… stuff you already know…

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by Buck68™, October 26th, 2013
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Now trust me… this is a passionate amazing scripted empathy be cause me “being a Buckeye” has nothing to do with it. It’s all about being appropriate for social justice… even in a cacophony of colors playing some unsafe evil game to get more control and money for rich folks. Even when Specials in the Legion of My Betters… sign I am “not a Buckeye”.

Now, IF you want to consider a ‘scholarly’ article on college football as competition versus progressive controls on human freedom, see “Football and the American Character” at:
Football and the American Character [Hillsdale prof, Imprimis Sep 2013 issue]

BUT, IF any son were my son… you wouldn’t listen to me. So… listen to this person… if you would listen to your self.

…from Bad Word … to All in?
All-In Brown Evolves Into Team Leader By Rob Ogden, on O-Zone

Hey…! Wait! I’m so confused…. Before I “evolve” to “lead”… I gotta SEPARATE the multicolors and multicultures so I empathy Who is Right! It’s a good thing I feel black…or I’d be… heck, you’d find out I’m Bad… and not Michael Jackson!

Is “emerged” like… “evolved”? Hmmm

Where’s the appropriate oppression and outrage in this story? Hey… leave your homies, colors, state… to fall in with another state and their too rich homies? Be disloyal, betray the gang… what happens?

Does this kid “have” something you can not “get”? Is he more “underpaid” the more we “invest in education”?

Is this kid addressing that age old, continual human question about ‘choice’, about MEANING itself: show your skin… or show your character? Masquerade… or deliver, execute, do… what you say?

Wow, the kid describes two motivations: love for another AND… if I don’t I probably won’t keep receiving more opportunities ahead of other competitors… IF the goal is for the team to win!

“All-in?”. All in for ME? All in for WHAT… exactly? Hmmm… another simple, basic, continuing question for every human being – for what imperfect human being ‘has’ ‘the answer’? Who is not repeatedly called toward this question… how many choose to respond as this kid has …so far? And perhaps this “chosen” is not to “be better” than “them”, but as a living striving illustration …of something greater, something better… that can only be given by The Greatest. Be cause. Because IF there’s a sincere search for “the real Killer”; then, there is One real all-in Savior …among all us wonderful human charismatic trust me’s…. And I’m only IN, when I am perfectly fitted into the All in All by The Savior of all.

What are each of these ordinary people [that I so sincerely feel are “my team”…when they win] doing? In sum, they are living the extraordinary mystery of following and leading in noble pursuit of … that strange term e pluribus unum. They are living it in the crucible of competition with similar groups nationwide at… UNIversity… not Diversity. They are not dividing, coloring, imagining, marketing, hyping, affording, claiming, feeling, possessing, fighting back, blaming, envying, taking, controlling rules for others…. All those things the better, the beautiful, the special people do… er, say they do… er, whatever.

These kids are like foreign students who come to UNIversity to pursue an education in their chosen skills, compared to domesticated students who are sent by having to get a degree for “higher” indoctrination in what to think and feel about their oppressions, stresses, and the myriad unfairnesses of life. A degree means you have debt and are ready for the 2200+ pogroms for Raising your Awareness to get community organized. And let us not forget the …the …”sadness” of the small group of stupid Evil Ones who must be stopped. But enough of My Sad Story Daily Report Breaking Old to Just Move On.

Rather, in conclusion, GO BUCKS! Beat those Pennsylvania State University Nittany Lions silly tonight – mentally and physically. Each Buckeye beat each Lion each play… from the snap to the whistle. Out-observe and out-plan and out-anticipate each Lion in each next play. Keep reducing your risks and making their risks bigger and wider and more uncertain. Each snap of the ball… reality sets in for each person, where all his words and intentions and preparation may have been full of sound and fury… but now, in the team crucible of striving and achieving, signify nothing. Is the nature of competition Fairness? Or, Advantaging? Rather it is fresh opportunity, for whosoever chooses to receive each situation that way. It is your choice to exercise the continuing gifts of freedom and choice… despite others’ best efforts to deny or control YOUR gifts and YOUR choices. Or, does none of this matter?

Science tells us that life is based on immutable natural laws of “random determinism”, and that our universe is in “entropy”. Science objectively describes the prime human relationship as “survival of the fittest by natural selection”…just like the animals and plants.

This is so, so say the experts warming to their own anointed expertise. Where is freedom… choice… “awareness”… in Random Determinism in Entropy?

Yet on any given day, in every given way, a “lesser” can do “more with less” than an elite does with not only more, but controls over the lesser people via all the usual organizations and sayings and charismas. Lessers With Pigskin… an incredible Special Group? LOL.

Yet a “band of brothers” is the living, continuing, unnatural choice of a few ordinary people, temporarily dedicating themselves in part to their teammates’ lives, fortunes, and… and… something honorable, something …sacred.

Stay SEPARATED, my friends? Stay thirsty, my friends. Stay thirsty, come what may, for evil is not ‘they’, but whosoever who would be good, just getting what’s best for him.

Put another way, SEPARATE from sacred honor, you and I are just another bone to be dissembled and chewed, when the gales of November come early… continually.

Do you want the hope you gave up, back? Do you want to get stimulated to whatever feeling you’re told – or choose who and what inspires you?

IF you are an evolving scientist, change happens – apart from random determinism, you can do nothing. Therefore, it’s only natural – being all i can be – for me to tell you EXACTLY what to feel, think, say, do [FTSD].

Be Cause upon who comes first, all else depends.