Professor Sowell, Lecturer Obama…

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by Buck68™, September 20th, 2012
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Professor Sowell puts it in dry economic and historical terms, whatever they mean. But Professor, IN people NEVER go back… only FORWARD.

How much Lecturing and INvesting IN Education, does it take for people to give up their hope and future, for a shot and a break in the next – er, “near” – term that they will pay for fo life?

Your debt doesn’t matter; ask me publically and I profess not to know the totals. So, it is not important. Just ignore the totals. I will keep piling it up. I will keep getting more for you. Others will get the consequences, later.

Back to the song & dance appearances. Campaigning is fun. You just see and feel… EXACTLY what you are told.

Like, “it is not a tax”.

And, “I AM…my brothers’ and sisters’ Keeper”.

The election is over. I won. Be where you are told. Your Keeper will tell you who you are and what you get.

Are you… IN?

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