Roads more or less travelled

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by Buck68™, October 28th, 2012
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There’s the High Road, the Low Road, the road to the Bridge to Nowhere, Infastructure Roads, Whatever Road…and there’s off-road.

What has happened to our President these past couple weeks?

Out-of-touch as i am and as jaded as the times are, this cartoon summarizes the behaviors of our President lately as he defies common sense, civility, empathy, and his own self-interest.

Yet “I’m consistent”, President Obama declares with that serious, intent look delivery in a TV show interview.

Thus, our President confirms his recent behaviors… have been going on for quite some time?! I don’t know – I must NEVER GO BACK.

Our President’s Truth of His Consistency suggests it’s MYAwareness of our President’s consistent behaviors that is coming off thousands of stimulants and pogroms and personal desires…. like coming out of an induced and prolonged coma after a major brain change operation, to encounter an unfiltered new day dawning for my first time… IN time.

A bright light that shines in my darkness is …not optimal. It hurts the eyes, gives me a headache. But drugs are poisons that kill in your body or suppress symptoms your natural defenses produce. Everybody Does Drugs [celebrate idols!]… but do drugs ‘cure’ ‘the problem’? Drugs are just another sign of The NY [Not Your] Times, that all the news is still fit to twist.

So awareness is only essential, if the experiment of government of the people, by the people, and for the people shall not perish from the earth. Isn’t it a small irony, that we keep claiming to “need to raise” [in ‘them’] … what we have each already been given, from our ‘beginning’?

Who is timeless, yet says “My time is not yet at hand, but your time is always opportune”?

But if one is passionately drugging himself by all means necessary, and masking how he sees and what he says… who sees ‘opportunity’?

Our Diversity into A Nation of Cowards desperately needs, not Romney, but a President Lincoln at Gettysburg, leading a call to a new birth of freedom.

Not in the Entropy of Diversity towards the whatevers of dependency and chaos and government controls over individuals and profiles. Not more interpretations of interpretations, which simple math and logic prove always produces… less.

How does one person help to renew toward university, to apply by e pluribus unum, once self-evident truths?

November 6th. And TODAY, one person, one behavior at a time. Perhaps any person should start a renewal with… what comes first? For upon that answer, everything depends. Especially what each person perceives, which becomes our perspective as time [not us] just moves on.

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