The First imperfection, keeps affecting everything after…

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by Buck68™, June 24th, 2012
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On the eve of the latest imperfect Supreme Court ruling, all the basics continue ‘under further review’. Put another way, would not each “instant replay” since the First Fall, keep showing the consequences of the… First Fall? So, unnaturally, instead of once again getting caught up in our feelings about whatever… what about the basics? Are these basics…for your consideration, if and whenever you choose?

1-What comes first. An analogy: does not everything else in a building, come from and depend on the cornerstone of its foundation? For this Nation, the Ultimate Authority for this written cornerstone is The Creator. The Creator is the endower of inalienable rights to each and every person. But, how to put in perspective all the differing and divergent feelings, perceptions, values, motives, and behaviors within individuals and among people in this nation? Answer: “we hold these truths to be self-evident….” So literally, inasmuch as the self-evident Truths of the Creator and His endowments are no longer self-evident, this Repubic …disintegrates in every emotional and rational way. Pragmatically, this means the foundation of this nation is under continual attack from… the instinctive and intentional behaviors of… human nature as expressed in the individual and groups. It’s as simple a comparison as the minor differences between The Creator, and Me. Between Truth, and MyTruth. Between MyReligion and… your [slightly totally inferior] religion. So, is not this Nation ever not only an Experiment, but a most unnatural experiment utterly dependent on recognizing and following The Creator instead of every me and mygroup human nature?

2-What does The Creator endow? Certain inalienable rights, among which are life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. Whew! If not for each and every of these three Creator endowments, to each person… I would suffer the slings and arrows of the outrageous fortunes of …every YourWay that did not match MyWay! Or, if The Creator forced us to do His ‘to do list’ here on earth, we’d be… like the angels? Let’s just say we’d be… not free. Or, not ‘have choice’. So, The Creator ENDOWS to each, but does not IMPOSE on any… in this life. I mean you DO ‘have choice’, don’t you? You do ‘feel whatever’ you feel, don’t you? Isn’t this sorta… uh… self-evident? Yet who among us cannot avoid, deny, or misuse, or abuse it? And do not even all possible perversions of the self-evident Truth, prove that Truth not only exists, but is the continuing Source of our individual freedom? Our individual awareness?

3-So The Creator endows… where’s the problem? Where’s the digression, the perversion, the abuse, the rationalizing, the ad-ver-tising, the manipulations, the games, the logical fallacies…? Where does imperfection start, but in every soul endowed with CERTAIN rights, and freedom, using his every thought, word, and deed for his purposes rather than…? Inasmuch as each person accepts his imperfection and strives to understand himself, will he not ever dis-cover more and deeper… imperfections? Inasmuch as each person keeps striving to understand self-evident Truth, is this not the sole way toward… Truth? Mean-while, for good or ill, do people not continually, naturally, organize for all the usual feelings of needs? Starting with basics: survival, safety, security; food, clothing, shelter? What do we name the evolvings of this organizing that exercise power over groups? Government. And how does government legitimize itself to justify itself? Law. And does law legitimize or justify? How can it if it is from imperfect people – it has neither the authority nor the perfection to be… universally righteous.

4-So… would not following The Creator’s endowments, following self-evident Truths, recognizing human nature… LIMIT this government of, by, and for…people? Why so vague? LIMIT is so general. Indeed, it has no specific meaning; literally it is a comparison [less; boundaries] without a comparator [method] or comparer [a person -actor/subject – for the action verb]. Hmmm, literally there is no limit to this LIMIT. Perhaps it applies to every part, every act of government… all the time? In other words, LIMIT is an inclusive principle of any government under the self-evident Truth of The Creator? And the converse of the Truth, is it not also The Truth?

Where does this lead? Rather, first ask, each time I say I want to lead or follow… Who am I following? What’s… first?

Practically…go with the flow of… My human nature? Or, choose?

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