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by Buck68™, October 6th, 2012
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TODAY, whilst I was awakening to ME and all about ME… I stumbled across an interesting internet thread about Unemployment, started by a person who “actually” …asked questions about it! Imagine my surprise when something unexpected “happened” to me, in the midst of MY most excellent opinions on the thread starter’s content, AND each and every comment to it!

I had an “intervention” as they say in the Nursing Biz. I was “interrupted”, as they say in the ME biz. I was NOT “stimulated”, as Science says it… which of course means I have no idea how that “happened” be cause such is the Fact-Based Science of the Casual Pillar of Randomness. Or wuz it Determined? Whatever….

Anyway, I wound up [i want to emphasize IT WASN’T MY FAULT and I HAD/HAVE/WILL HAVE NO SPECIFIC RECOLLECTION of how this happened] in that sheepherder’s tale about The One We Must Not Mention. Well, sorta. Actually, I cheated and looked up two terms, work and labor, to read some truly out-of-this-world inappropriates. You know, so i know all about what’s appropriate so i can rite this to all the good people Out There in WhereverLand.

As a result, I AM totally convinced I really no nothing about unemployment unless my Keeper tells me.

I Totally don’t know about the origin of unemployment, be cause i NEVER go back.

I Honestly don’t know about the meaning of unemployment [or any other word], be cause everybody just “gets” to say whatever they feel, which means whatever they felt at the moment. Like animal noises. If i want to know, i must hear my Keeper’s Voice say it. But, i still don’t know what it means – my Keeper does. So i just have to feel, think, say, do… whatever He feels, thinks, says, does. Didn’t this used to be defined as “imitating”, but… who nose?

I Actually don’t know if there is any Morality anywhere in this, cuz my Id is so Lucy i am so Dezi i have no “‘splainin’ to do”.

I Really have been had by Destiny anyway, so… fantasy and reality are whatever … so you can see I THAR NEED… my Keeper! Praise BE to the internet and TV… so I hear His Voice … A LOT …every Dei.

So now i am excited and happy, be cause “unemployment” is… is… whatever. All I have to do is be “IN” and “get” … and may be a little occupying and fighting back however i am stimulated to wherever i am bused.

He is my Keeper. In Him, in Him only, do i trust.

TODAY…I AM your Keeper

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