A Discussion on Formula One (F1) Racing

Posted by Daniel Yerelian on September 12th, 2008 filed in Cars, Misc

This is an exchange between two of our authors, Ryan and Zach(kicked off by Buck68).  The discussion is regarding Formula One Racing, several current races and how to record them with your computer, Formula One fantasy leagues and the status of Formula One racing in the United States . The conversation, however beings with a comment about tomorrows USC vs. Ohio State game.

Buck68 – “Senior LB Rey Maualuga 6’4″ 256 lbs say’s , ‘ Boeckman is the classic drop-back passer and Terrelle Pryor is the runner – We will watch for other clues this weekend and make adjustments for their two Qbs ‘ . Sept 13th is looming !”


Very strange! Making adjustments a week before the game. I thought anyone who knew football had to wait until halftime of the game, then make one.

It goes like this in the great space-time continuum: I will adjust. I adjust. I adjusted.

It’s just that simple. Just like the LA Times watches for clues about the news…. ;-{)}

Zach – Haha, indeed.
I can certainly see the advantage of scouting a QB prior to the game and coming up with some defensive strategy to counter him, but usually that sort of stuff is mostly useless because it is all theory.  Theorycrafting is great fun, but not practical.  As you pointed out, the best adjustments are game time adjustments made to counter specific game time actions.  The theorycraft might help you decide on whether to run a 5-3, 4-5, or nickle, but it wont help your players as much.  Video is only so great and its often far more helpful in learning after the fact.

I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for OSU, but I have also always counted myself as a Wolverine, interestingly enough I have no riding interest in either team, school, or location… come to think of it, I suppose its because my brother was always for OSU and I always liked rooting for the other team, just for fun.

OSU has been a powerhouse for a long time now.

BTW, this weekend is the Belgian Grand Prix, I forgot to change my fantasy picks again so I’m almost certain to get hosed for the second time, but I suppose thats what I get for not being on top of it.  Bob, Ryan, or Lance, have any of you gentlemen ever watched or heard of Formula One racing?

Ryan – *Raises hand enthusiastically*  Uh, I’ve heard of F1!  …it is only my absolute favorite sport to watch…  Every race I watch the entirety of Speed’s coverage: Inside Grand Prix, practice, qualifying, and the race itself.  I can’t get enough, it’s the true pinnacle of motorsport and and even technology in any sport anywhere.

I have been recording and burning my own F1 GP DVDs for posterity ever since I bought my current PC in 2004 w/a TV tuner enabling me to do so.  Of course that just so happened to be the end of the Schumi era…but that’s ok…I have his great moments etched into my memory because I’ve been watching since 1999.  Alas, my memories are not as shareable, but at least they are every bit as vivid as my DVDs.  My recording streak will also soon come to an unceremonious end as I will be moving to SF on 9/12 and won’t have a place of my own for months…ie no Speed and no PC of my own.  =**(

I do lament the state of F1 in the US.  In two words: apathetic and ignorant.  It’s in an even worse state than football (the real football if you were to ask the rest of the world).  American motorheads are too busy ‘turning left’ to appreciate the wonderfully unique and sophisticated flavor that F1 oozes.  Even when you come across someone that actually knows what open-wheel racing is…they usually have no idea that F1 is different from Indy or the absorbed Champ cars.  Sacrilege I say!!!  Forget that F1 is the only form of racing in the world where you will see the full weight of the one and only ‘Cavallino Rampante‘.  Or that the teams only have to manufacture, test, and race cars of their own design…and that these designs are revised continuously from race to race.  *sigh*  Zach, have you seen these books by Giorgio Piola before?  He does one every year, and if you’re interested in the technical details of how amazingly complex and different each F1 team’s cars are, these are the best books I’ve found.

At Spa this year, it looks like Puhon is the new Eau Rouge eh?  And if Kimi (starting from 4th) can’t win at Spa anymore, then maybe he really is past the zenith of his career?  Can’t wait for the first F1 night race ever in Singapore!!


Zach – Wow, awesome to hear, Ryan.  This past weekend was CRAZY!!!  My fantasy picks suffered, but it was one heck of a race, at least the beginning and the end were “wet and wild” while the middle saw some interesting strategy developments and some phenomenal driving.

I have been scheming about the best way to record the F1 races, thinking about a combo of DVR and DVD writer hooked to my TV.  My PC is not setup for the TV tuner, but it might be worth it.  How do you set yours up?  Do you have cable through comcast or some such company?  Do you have to watch the program live or can you set it up to record the program to your hard drive and then just burn the file to a dvd for later playback?  I would definitely be interested in helping you maintain your collection by taking over some of the recording especially while you are unable to do it.

I am totally stoked about singapore, it should be very interesting to say the least.

I was also excited to hear Ecclestone before Spa talking about the US grand prix in 2010, a return, but the venue still undecided?  Is it too much to hope for a western US track?

Ryan-Yes Zach, IMO the Belgian GP last weekend certainly was a wonderful microcosm of F1 at its best and worst.

Did you see that Lewis was stripped of his victory?  The circus of appeals, counter appeals, mud slinging, and general ridiculousness has ensued.  It seems at this unresolved juncture that there could be some significant repercussions to the sport as a whole.  F1 sure has had a tumultuous few years (US GP tire debacle, Stepneygate Spy Scandal, FIA President Max Mosley’s scandal)!!  Thankfully I have still seen a sport with strong foundations and …the great Flawed Species of humans are always hard at work…

My cable provider is Time Warner.  Their policy is such that I am tied to a set top box (a HD-DVR in this case).  I’m not too happy with them and their selection/service but I’m stuck with them as my apartment doesn’t have a clear view of the southern sky.  With my HD-DVR set top box acting as the signal decoder, I cannot utilize the full capabilities of my PC’s built in tuner.  What I’ve had to resort to is using the PC tuner as a video capture card.  I am running an old analog coax cable from the HD-DVR to the PC tuner, enabling the PC to capture whatever channel the HD-DVR is tuned to.  The software in my computer enables me to set recordings just as you would with a typical DVR.  So what I do is set a recording on the PC, and just ensure the HD-DVR is left on that channel.  Essentially, it’s the exact same set up we all used back in the VHS days except my PC is now acting as the VCR.  So I have the files on my HDD to burn to DVD at my leisure.  I later edit out the commercials and then create some cool menus before I burn to DVD.  FYI, all the software I use is proprietary Sony software as my PC is a VAIO.  Of course nowadays there is vastly superior tools/programs out there, but this stuff was waaay ahead of its time.  My VAIO also came with media streaming software and it’s all integrated together!

I would be ecstatic to figure out how continue recording races with you in the interim between my move this Friday and when I eventually get another place of my own.

Bernie Ecclestone has previously hinted at negotiations for three other locations in the US besides Indy, and also hinted all would be street circuits a la Monaco & Valencia: New York City, Las Vegas, and Long Beach.  Boy I wouldn’t mind seeing a Vegas or Long Beach GP given our proximity, but if they somehow pulled off a Manhattan based NYC GP…that would be absolutely stunning.

What site are you playing fantasy F1 with?  I’ve never considered playing, partly because I’ve had no friends remotely interested in doing so.  How is it formatted?  Is it simply picking finishing places for the drivers or are their other statistical dimensions that are tracked and scored?

Zach – I’ll have to send the links tomorrow, but one is fantasy racer F1 and the other is vodafone mercedes.  The fantasy racer gives you a budget of $35M and you can select drivers based on salary, but you cannot exceed 35M, you can change between each race if you want.  Then the vodafone league is $75M budget, you select three teams one from each “tier,” then you select a number of drivers, several from each “tier.”  You can only do trades during a trading window, there are only three during the season.  During a trade window you can only trade one driver and one team.  Mercedes site has a point structure where you receive points for a number of things, such as qualifying position, how many positions gained from where they started, finishing place, etc.  Fantasy Racer site gives points for a number of things as well, but the most important aspect is where the driver finishes the race.

I am a big fan of the ever changing regulations for F1 in an effort to standardize the vehicles and the costs.  The US GP tire debacle was a terrible display and it is no wonder that many American’s are not as interested in watching the sport.  I had not heard the thing about lewis I will have to read up on that.  F1, never free of drama, but man its fun to watch those machines fly around that track.

Zach – Here are the links I promised;



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