a long winded summary of “dumbing down” by Not Noticing a few details…

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by Buck68™, December 9th, 2012
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First i wanna take up some space for an INsincere apology Not An Apology for whatevering way too few words less than the doctors who wrote this stuff about… how you are, why.

CLICK to read: From The Graduate going into plastics, to the Emeritus of "plasticity"

What an interesting, albeit wordy, summary of the worldly causes of:

1-Progress-enhanced brain atrophy…
2-the progressive caring of immediate gratification
3-why ‘easier’ and ‘convenient’ is so better, really
4-why Nobody who’s “IN”, can remember a “critical thinking skills” educational debate in the 80’s.
5-how fear, habit, inertia, and prejudice… are charismatically better than ever thanks to the FORWARD progress of blame and envy.

So, the Doctors have but one disagreement with the learned doctors. The surrogate Mercola quotes – the Emeritus-ed Cal Professor Dr. Michael Merzenich findings that “…enabling brainless stereotypy” in basic actions [compare a dog sniffing stuff while walking, with you on your ipad while walking your pet or other] is so “…our brains can be engaged at more abstract levels of operations.”

LOL. Of course helping you is a possibility. But “engaging at abstract levels” requires… cognitive awareness, plus the willingness and ability to exercise the “noticing” the Doctors describe.

Mean-while [as compared to ‘while caring sincerely’]…

“Marketing” and/or “Imaging” anything by emotional stimulation, enticings, immediate perceived gratifications… produces … what? Does what the doctors describe produce instinctive [not cognitive] emotional responses, enable dependency and/or builds addictions, and therefore DETRACTS from any kind of higher order brain function? In short, deceptions/manipulations produce instinctive/habitual responses that these fine doctors say produce brain atrophy by training you to what your trainer wants, instead of YOU training YOU to develop YOUR life.

So, even the fine doctors get their own lessons… in Total Recall wrong according to their own explanations. Obviously, only rationally, your brain has atrophied over time when one is unable to recognize one’s own… scientific findings one is busy congratulating oneself for…? Doctor? Doctor?

Now, brilliantly, The 3 Amigo Doctors produce findings [after decades of ‘research’ and who knows how many federal grants] that mirror the basics of science, psychology, sociology, human nature, education at university, and a certain religion we must not mention due to freedom of speech.

But who’s left that can understand them [literally 2 meanings here]? And who’s right that can explain this? [2 meanings here too]. And who’s reading or listening on… Twitter, Facebook, of my Most Latest Excellent Two-Second Adventure of Whatever I Feel at this Moment?

So… do I “hate” technology? Convenience? LOL. “Them”? Can you imagine how disappointed you would be if I …hated no one? And longed for continuing rescue of my self, by exactly Who is willing and able?

Notice… Dr Merzenich calls his solution “rejuvenating”, and that “purpose” is basic. Be care-ful, Doctor, you are endangering the sustainability of your SEPARATION!

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