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by Buck68™, November 1st, 2012
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Our President today said it – a View, a Daily Show, a saying often said in many, even whatever, ways.

Our President said today: “We’ve got…the world’s greatest workers”.

Be it Incumbent or Candidate… what aspiring perspiring leader in a close race… does not say such fine, wonderful things?

And a host of others, together entirely, fundamentally… conflicted. Or you could just say, “BS”.

Here’s just a few:

1-Everybody’s hardworking… but 23 million are out of work, many of the ‘working’ have part-time [1 hour/month or more] “jobs”, and many are not counted for intriguing reason such as “discouraged”.

2-Everybody’s hardworking… AND… everybody’s suffering. This makes zero common sense, but wonderful BS as long as the campaigner separates the two by more than… 7 seconds. You know, the average adult American’s attention span.

3-Everybody deserves a shot, a break. This requires a “shot Giver”, a “break Giver”. This Giver must have blanket authority to dispense shots and breaks wherever, whenever, in whatever forms or amounts, to whomever he… picks. This is so wonderful IF you… are IN. But this…requires OUTs… to pay for this Giver, our Keeper… to “do whatever’s necessary”. Ah yes, the “Exceptional”, “Last Best Hope of the World”… run by The Keeper doing whatever’s necessary. Inspiring, eh? Sure would save a lot of government “jobs”… unless a job is when you get paid for doing EXACTLY what the Keeper tells you to feel, think, say, do.

4-It is “appropriate”, or “inappropriate”. This term is the inevitable Progress of SEPARATION from evil morals, to ethics, to situational ethics, to whatever i feel is right, to …whatever i am told by my Keeper. From the Creator and self-evident truths, to… Survival of the Fittest by Natural Selection. Interesting that each person is free to SEPARATE howsoever he/she choose that One Keeper… and pick whatever other keeper[s] they feel like from among the many self-anointed or wannabe keepers. Is the reverse true? What ‘could happen’ if you tried to leave… any other keeper but the One you must not mention?

5-American “exceptionalism”. This “I’m better than you, we’re better than them” is simply arrogant and ignorant. It’s arrogant because it self-anoints the better Feeler to do whatever to whoever’s the lesser. That’s EXACTLY why immigrants LEFT their former land. It’s ignorant be cause it omits why immigrants came HERE, rather than so many other places. Opportunity. Not a handout, but… opportunity. And not one, but a lifetime of opportunities. Many succeeded; many more failed. Almost all did both, multiples times in the course of their lives.

Yet so many examples of our political, social, educational, media, legal… “leaders” imaging and marketing themselves in what “we” have “got”. Why? Be cause it sells false expertise and possessions, to those willing to sell or give up what each person HAS been GIVEN by the Creator who, by the evidence of all His creation and creating, possesses the self-evident willingness [selfless love] and ability [power] to give such immeasurable gifts… to each person.

What we humans say we’ve “got” …we self-evidently do NOT possess. Who possesses “the greatest”? Only 1, if greatest is… is… greatest.

IF we imperfect beings compete, or quit, or fight back… what do we “get”?

Perhaps what we get… over and over in so many direct and indirect ways …in ways we deny, avoid, characterize however we feel at the moment … is RESCUED …from many of the fatal or depraved consequences …of our… choices. Rescued by… Who? Who does free and abundant… rescues these daze?

The Creator has given each of us gifts in common; and also unique, dynamic gifts. And… as we breath… continual, abundant opportunities.

Who limits, colors, avoids, denies, whines, keeps changing names and meanings for our continuing, abundant opportunities in life GIVEN by our Creator? Why… the humble person right in his own mind, who ‘actually’ believes he “has vision”, and is worthy of… Trust. Honest! Now you & I don’t stoop to such transparent foolishness… but i’m sincerely not so sure about you.

Perhaps the old lawyer saying fits us here? “The man representing himself has a fool for a client”?

I didn’t say that. No…I didn’t create or build that at all. But… I wish i had! I love my…fantasies.

But, to simplify it all, simply ask your self the age old first question: “what comes first”? For upon what you believe is first… all else – your very life every breath – depends.

And if there is Truth… then each lie… rises to the level of… My “Vision”.

If not…select, or “get selected”… until your tissue gets recycled in the happenings or pre-determinations of Entropy. And those are the facts… of Science!

So…as another election looms – one liar and BSer to another – i hope your head hurts as much as mine, and you are as uncertain as I am. I hope i remember and reflect on His Passion… not mine.

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