A Piece in the Middle East

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by Buck68™, November 17th, 2012
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Here’s what we all know totally, honestly, actually, really [THAR]… be cause we have been TOLD transparently, consistently from Dear Leader’s Organizers:

1-Islam is a “peaceful religion”
2-We must “be tolerant”
3-Dear Leader has replaced law and justice with “empathy”.
4-“targeting” is happening; for, whatever it takes is going on. It seems a lot of people… have target lists that target people.
5-the US has given billions of “foreign aid” to Gaza Hamas now, and al Fatah before when they were Caring & Sharing for the people.
6-the Arab Spring Progress is FORWARDING to peace and harmony where everyone and everything is respected…. THAR!

NOW, the voters have spoken. Overwhelmingly, voters voted for President based on who they felt ‘knew me better’ or ‘cares for me more’. Are you “IN”? This feeling, overwhelmed the significance of each and all issues… according to the Poles. Image – IN – that?!

Anyway, there are isolated harmings and workplace violences brewing from videos and some stray rockets’ red glare in Israel, our staunch ally that we don’t like like we like Iran but say they must not be allowed to get nuclear weapons. I don’t know whatever this means – you figure it out. But, at last, to the topic!

It could be that happenings of violence could horribly harm the innocent women and children living in terrible conditions and poverty and blockaded from the good life by… the bad guys [insert your fav name for your fav blame here].

So if this violence happens… how to save the children? Some strange thoughts for your consideration.

1-Cut off Gaza… from Egypt on land, and by sea blockade. Cut it off completely, from everything.
2-Do not “invade” Gaza except to accomplish #1.
3-[US] redirect all aid to Gaza to… Israel.
4-[Israel] Identify and start building settlements in the Negev for …peaceful Gazan followers of Islam.
5-Give Gazans “choice” [you can’t be against choice without being… totally inappropriate]. The choice is stay in Gaza, or choose peace by protection from identity theft and isolated harmings in a Negev Settlement. This Protection is by individual contract with the Government of Israel for Health Care, Food, Shelter, & Education – administered by a Board of Bureaucrats where somebody else [antiquated reference: US taxpayers] pay for it. If you break the contract, you get sent back to… Gaza.
6-Have No Specific Recollection if Israel is in charge of its… “Targeted List”….
7-[US] ‘target’ Hamas, Al Fatah, and “rich people” and “peace tax” them and their estates at the Fair Share rate of… 100%. This Fair Share money goes 100% to Israel to community organize a ground game for the Negev Settlements.
8-[Israel] Provides “fairness” and “gets justice” just like WE THE PEOPLE not “IN” get here.

This can’t be wrong be cause it is Empathy. Nobody pays for it who matters be cause it’s free so it helps the poor who would be oppressed in the US but really are totally undocumented or whatever to get whatever here.

We could even have a Negev Gaza Surcharge on Rich People [US citizens earning or having over …say …whatever].

We could close Gitmo IMMEDIATELY and, giving them all a shot and a break – send them all to… Gaza! After all, there could be an innocent one among them and one life wrongly incarcerated or killed is so precious. And send the US Army Major Health Care Provider Workplace Violencer to Gaza too. Hmmm… all the other Isolateds too?

All this can be done by Announcement, TODAY, just as other things have been done by all means necessary due to impending catastrophe and …empathy.

====> The Gazan Choice: do you want a shot… or a break?

This could be better than the US citizen, who gets all these choices:
1] tax or not a tax taxes;
2] taxes, or fees or penalties;
3] saving the environment by taxing all carbon-users. [INvest IN Education to feel you have no carbon in you].
4] everybody left behind by waiver, exemption, announcement, empathy, IOU,… or any means necessary.
5] FORWARD by fighting back evermore.
6] Responsibility by blaming… THEM!
7] Accountability by envy… get the unfair whoever has ‘more’!

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