A speech on principle, but not of principle

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by Buck68™, April 11th, 2013
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The title is my understanding of Rand Paul’s speech the other day.
Rand Paul remarks at Howard University

So Buck68, you arrogant jerk… what do YOU say? Read on….

We seek what we have already been given: freedom, choice, awareness. We claim what we can never possess: truth, love, integrity, trust…. As much as we have been given to know of right and wrong, we know we ought to stand on moral principle. But who among us can extricate our mind or our soul from our own desires, intentions, or perceptions of our heart?

Each of us, and groups of us, are the basic reason to limit government to the essentials of protecting this nation in this world, from all enemies, foreign or domestic. We divide our government against itself, in hope that a divided house cannot stand upon its people. Yet, in self-evident fact… power corrupts individuals and groups. So I ask you: is it the popular glorious Progress of Man… or the same old cycle of men? Fact-based Science declares our ultimate reality: natural laws of random determinism, all producing entropy. Math puts it simply: any imperfect times another imperfect never produces better or the same – only worse, or less.

So, by all things known to men, we can prove our hopelessness, our corruption, our manipulations. Who is not a veteran of envy, blame, greed?

Therefore, if there is faith, hope, love – it ought to be in something greater than men; greater than that person looking back at me in my mirror.

Practically, if there is all creation and creating; how can there not be a Creator? Yet by every means known to man, how can any of us ever know ‘for sure’ about any Person… greater than homo sapiens, the self-anointed Kings of the earthy Animal Kingdom?

But I don’t come or presume to tell you anything that each of you do not already know…or just don’t want to know. I come as an American recognizing that we either work toward e pluribus unum… or work harder destroying each other and desecrating the house others fought and died to consecrate, to hallow… for future Americans.

So, may we, here, now, TODAY… rededicate our selves to noble purpose despite our nature? May we, here, now, TODAY… put our lives and our fortunes in the great perspective of… our sacred honor? I have ZERO sacred honor… where can I get some?

How did our imperfect forefathers and founders of this Nation, try to deal with human nature and our recurring tyrannies and slaveries against our fellow man?


But, they did start with man’s First Question: Who’s the Ultimate Authority?

They did take “my rights” out of my authority, or any group’s authority – and by the self-evidence of all CREATION – however any person perceived it – put human rights and moral Authority – above our glorious heroic natural clutches and maneuvers.

And, and after decades of trying to have it all our usual ways… “gave us a Republic… if you can keep it”. So said Ben Franklin. You know – Uncle Ben, the womanizing fat old white guy gracing that $100 bill of lesser value daily?

Who in their right mind would follow… such a person?

Who in their right mind, would give his hope … his faith … his passion – to anyone or anything except… Ultimate Authority?

Who… besides you and I and our fellow Americans?

So my appeal to you here, TODAY, has zero moral or right or practical authority inasmuch as it is MY appeal.

My appeal is to you in the Name of Jesus Christ, especially to those of any of man’s religions and atheists. My reasons are practical. First, be cause Jesus invites individuals to come to Him. Be cause He walked among men? No. Even be cause He laid down His life for whosoever believeth in Him? No. Be cause Christ does not impose. Read it yourself: Christ does not impose. Christians impose! Christ does not impose. I cannot say the same for my self, nor any of the organizings or denominations of men.

AND be cause this Nation was founded on The Creator’s self-evident truths… Americans of all beliefs have the best protection men can provide for our individual freedom and choices.

Can we see what we have done with ‘the best’ that we have been given and blessed with? We have a lot of work to do. In each generation. Or, we will keep killing, we will keep indenturing, our children.

So…what to do?

Not ‘more’. Not ‘spending’ what we do not have. Not reinventions, messages, lying, stimulating, imaging, studies, grants, campaigning, benefiting, excepting, waivering our selves & my IN crowd.

Not “reforms”. No re – forming the same stuff in an attractive stimulant. Not evermore pogroms to “raise awareness”.

Renewal. Revival. A shadow of… rebirth.

Two specifics I leave you to consider:

First, Education. Government is anathema to education, just as controlling is anathema to learning and thinking for yourself. Turn on your TV or goto any ‘social media’… THIS is the pandemic entropy of government in education. THIS is why …the individual educates …and the effective teacher is a student of how to learn.

Second, money. As an American, I Owe You. IOU means I owe you for every IOU some “civil servant” writes, omits, avoids, borrows, spends, pretends by any means. “Getting” is taking, stealing.

So, at last, here are you and I, about to go our ways again. If we are human, Science already defines us as “aware”. Our freedom has been given when our soul first entered our body. My gift is mine, your gifts are yours – without measure. Your freedom. Use it yourself… or someone who sincerely cares… will use yours on you!

After all… I’m only human.

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