Disproportionately Puzzled

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by Buck68™, November 25th, 2012
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UH… how much does one have to obsess about skin color to miss plain ‘ol stupidity?

CLICK to read: Minorities Disproportionaly Worse Off Under Obama, by Rachel Alexander in Townhall online

What a usual example of a transparent media story. Take one thing [ok, perhaps a couple factoids] …and assume or ignore the rest. Then declare your point “proven”; or, in Rachel’s case here, “puzzled”. Indeed, Rachel raises one point, compared to an issue; a piece, compared to the puzzle; a byte, as compared to the program; a color, as compared to a work of art. Even kids ask questions; here, Rachel stops at “puzzled”.

Perhaps if Rachel were a mommy, she’d understand WIGO – What Is Going On – with ‘the kids’. The kids – you know, the selfish, indoctrinated, entertained, medicated, frightened and outraged, OMG-ed, if it feels good do it, occupying, taking, envying, blaming, being, happening, self-gratifying… adults of 5+ generations of our Progressively Invested IN Education… most Exceptional People Ever, in the Greatest Whatever Ever.

Blame Obama… Romney? What is Obama doing, Mommies, that nearly every kid hasn’t tried on her younger siblings and the neighborhood kids to get her way? What is Obama doing, Mommies, that you haven’t seen “Kids raising kids” do their kids? Simply, it’s easier to control a co-dependent for life Julia*, than equip a real person for exercising mental maturity.

It’s easier to get and take, than learn to make.

It’s easier to get now, than defer or save or sacrifice for something better, later. It is easier to say “whatever” whenever… isn’t it? I mean, who needs more than a couple seconds to whatever… before we just move on to get our next stimulation? You’re not telling me that Obama is ‘different’ than what mommies, daddies, and kids have been doing since… whenever, are you? [But it does explain the need for the mantra, “Never Go Back”, and its pal FORWARD, doesn’t it?]

Anyway, it’s only natural, to nurture like nature. Science says so.

Why bother with all those labels ‘n slogans that charismatics keep changing but not specifically remembering whenever asked for an explanation about some isolated harming? Just call it human nature. Fact-based Science explains it: Survival of the Fittest by Natural Selection.

You don’t have to learn all that stuff. Just be IN, get your handouts, be INvested IN, get your waivers, exemptions, announcements – you know, “shots and breaks”.

What kid doesn’t like the community mommy who gives out candy over the mommy that makes her kids… study? Do chores? Learn to think for himself instead of follow the crowd? Heck what MOMMY doesn’t like the mommy who’s so popular with the candy her kids are over there constantly… it’s FREE day care [and you still get you “some of that money” – the welfare check].

Am I saying welfare is bad? No; things aren’t bad – they are THINGS. But who these daze comprehends this?

People… use THINGS… to try to control other people. Popularly, that’s known as “rewards” and works like giving your dog a treat when he rolls over on your command. In marketing, it’s known as “enticement”… and trillions and trillions of that thing called adverstising money suggests… it works as advertised.

So, where’s this “puzzle”? Why does any addiction, always need more to get the same buzz? Or, put another way, why does the SAME amount for an addiction, always produce MORE ‘need’? Are you… “puzzled”?

Why? Be cause when you have become a pet, you live by your wants. And whosoever gives you a shot, a break, a candy, a sex toy, an excitement, a stimulation… is your Keeper.

Who knows how long a Pet-ocracy lasts?

Remember the Lion King, and how it was so natural, so wonderful, so true? Remember the Circle of Life? Well, fellow lifers, human natures all… what happens when you go FORWARD enough in the Circle of Life? Yep… you run straight into your own Behind. IT’S A CIRCLE, stupid.

* Julia, as in the recent Democratic Campaign ad

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