Emigrating From Racism, Profiling, and Relatives

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by Buck68™, July 11th, 2013
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I get so perspired by the NYT! who is "resisting" what? CLICK to read NYT Immigration article

What is new in the issue of “immigration”? Is it a natural reality that, as self-perceived elites fight among themselves for control over… you; the parade of manipulations re-forms and continues? Do we get – not “justice” – but endless waves of the same emotions, the same biases… “imaged” [imposed] by “makeovers” [another attractive cover…up] into your brain until you… wanna-be “IN”?

Simply, posit the human political condition as human nature writ large: groups re-forming to try to get… you: control… you …for the purposes and pleasures of the contending controllers… by all means necessary. Essentially, the political way of saying the “Fact-based, Law of Science: Survival of the Fittest by Natural Selection”. Does this sound… familiar? Or have you already had an amoebic reaction to this stimulus… and just moved on toward a more attractive… stimulant?

Thus, Ben Franklin’s one-liner response to The Question, “what have you done in there [Independence Hall]”, “given you a Republic… if you can keep it” … lingers long after so many groups of better people have done all they can, by all their means, to ‘make better my way’… by controlling YOU.

Thus, human slavery – in its many forms – continues by the same old deceptions in those nice, evolving, appealing forms; by every emotion and logical fallacy. Perhaps we do catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

In my lifetime, this Nation has progressed from a tyranny of the NOT majority* used by elites, to tyrannies of minorities used by… elites. We have progressed from the racism of ‘those people down there’ to the racism everywhere in laws and cultures by appropriate feelings and accusations. We have progressed from education to liberal to indoctrination by elites into ‘correctness’. We have progressed… in perverting every political and social institution… by all the usual self-anointing means of “I feel right in my own mind”… so “you are… whatever I feel”.

If human rights come from government… you ‘have’ …none. If your freedom comes from government… you ‘have’ …none. What you have, is you as a Stranger in a Strange Land, feeding at the Trough of whatever some Better entices you with… for his purposes.

And this is what “Immigration” means in this Age of Appropriate Progress to Evolving Sustainability. You – be you here or there or anywhere – are a migrant. If you are an emigrant, you have left the promise of In God We Trust and Endowed by Our Creator, for whatever you can get while getting more stuff. If you are an immigrant, you are just getting what some other guy got if you can get to where he is. You ‘have’ one thing: this endless, crying, whining, desperate need for some Somebody to “Raise your Awareness” by … whatever appeal you must feel.

Thus We migrate from stimulus to stimulus; from culture to culture; from emotional, rational, and/or physical famine to ‘the better green grass on that thar yonder hill’ … but far more often, from fright to fright, outrage to outrage… so some Somebody can intone “so it will never happen again”.

SEPARATED from Ultimate Authority, We pass accountability and responsibility, self-discipline and self-control, sacrifice and saving for our future … onto “them”. And WOE TO THEM if ‘they’ do not ‘gimme respect’.

The same ol’ Blame Game… continues by racism, profiling, and relatives.

Where has the simple solution of our Founders gone? Those “self-evident truths” from the Providence and blessings of our Creator? They have “disappeared” for every person ‘just being me’ and ‘fighting back’ and ‘getting justice’ … EVERY SINGLE PRODIGAL who has demanded then squandered his inheritance … unless and until … he “comes to his senses”.

But it is one thing for me to squander my inheritance… quite another for me to squander YOUR inheritance… and your future… and your hopes… and whatever else of yours I can ‘get’.

Yet if, and each time, I by any means ‘come to my senses’ … ‘discovering what is already there’ … my First Response is… OMG what have I done? But what I do next … is either un-naturally politically self-less – striving to keep our Republic founded upon God’s righteousness and love … or … re-forming my selfishness with some new image or makeover to …to … coverup, blame, get more for… me.

Imagine the gnashing of teeth, the screaming, the fighting, the demonstrations… if Congress repealed ALL immigration laws! Do We not so hear how “immigration is broken” and “doesn’t work”? Well… what DOES it do NOW?

First, We selectively penalize only those who try to follow immigration laws.
Second, We exclude many whose character and skills match a current shortage in this country that citizens and their representatives are UNWILLING to meet.
Third, we reward in MANY ways those who do NOT follow our laws.

Maybe We need a good spanking? [hmmm: exactly why it is ‘so illegal’ in many states?] Our Exceptional crying and whining has progressed into a multi-trillion dollar ‘happening’ already. Perhaps a “good” spanking would be one until our crying and whining STOPS… and by some mystery We … ‘come to our senses’?

IF each human being is more than “a bone to be chewed when the gales of November come early…”; then, is it not self-evident that racism, profiling, and relatives are not ‘immigration’, but ‘just’ animal kingdom pecking-order favoritism?

Thus, every re-form of something built on the sands of the feelings of me, is but a cover-up of what is First… not true AND wrong. And who has not heard it said that it’s not the original crime that kills… but the coverup?

*NOT majority. An interesting future inquiry about majority and minority.

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