Exceptionally … Corrupt?

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by Buck68™, June 22nd, 2013
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Steve Deace’s article in Townhall today, “GOP Establishment: Stupid or Sinister”, is a bit wordy [I should know all about wordy!], but. But, as accurate as it is simple as human nature is flawed.

GOP Establishment, Stupid or Sinister?

Is it ‘they’ that ‘get corrupted’ by some location or position? Is it “sooner or later”? Or, is it each of us, each time we choose self-interest and getting and taking by all means necessary, especially deceptive ones. Simply, it’s each of us that does what comes naturally – where Science describes thee primal “having a relationship” as Survival of the Fittest by Natural Selection.

It is our common problem that our humble and rational peer review of ourselves onto Organized Life’s Pedestal, requires us to engage in spiritual [moral] or practical [just being myself] deception … in order to ‘get’ ‘others’ to feel, think, say, do… what I want. The animals don’t have this problem – they ‘just do it’… and we tell them [heh, heh] ‘what it is’ they are doing [pecking order behavior]. A popular human name for this is “organizing”… as tame as it is evil, as innocent as ‘organization’ or whatever conjugal noise we care to name it.

What peaceful religion, philosophy of man, tradition, culture, natural law, correlation of forces, or diversity into nolo contendre of whatever chaos – is more than another symptom of what Science declares as “Entropy”? Peer and Re-View… or Just Say No! It is no small but oh so very elemental irony, that ‘experts’ name Entropy [not just regress, but inevitable regress unto utter destruction] … “Progress”. But… that ‘doesn’t work for me’… so… it’s ‘not there’? Verily, I even control… reality?!

Or personally, if you will, my version of ‘white is black, and black white’, whenever howsoever I feel like telling you to…whatever.

Whatever, is control however, by all means for me to justify… ME. But I don’t stop there. The purpose of my justifications is to anoint myself [even humbly accept titles, $, honorariums, blah, blah… ‘speaking truth to power’ by having a conversation with my Self, as it were, which I ‘allow’ you to… buy] so YOU give up YOUR hope and change so I GET whatever I want, and you “get” …my sin-sear promises and scraps from MY table…maybe. Honest.

So, who among us is not this little god? What little god does not intrinsically, instinctively know… of God? ESPECIALLY the little god who denies Him whom he …imitates? This includes us legions of the Faithful who have a “my God” or “it feels right to me”.

Yes, My Progress for your Regress is to impose on you by any and all means one or more of these simple, timeless lies: that God does not exist, that I AM His True Messenger; or, I AM powerful and/or tell you what you want to hear so gimme whatever I want and I will care about you if you feel think say do EXACTLY what I tell you. Really. That is, whenever I’m not running, avoiding, feeling bad about myself, or blaming….

So, Steve, this is far far more simple than “stupid”. Or, the Democrats and Republicans. Or, the Experiment that became Exceptional as “we” Just Moved On by Progress FORWARD to …Entropy.

YES WE [not ‘they’, but each of US] CAN. Each person has ‘choice’.

So ‘We’ “need a new party” like we “need” ‘raising awareness’, another law, another ‘reform’.

For, upon what comes First … all else depends.

Mean-while … animals just do whatever, and nobody but whosoever I blame did anything wrong. Honest.

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  1. Buck68 Says:


    well, well. Here is a CNS news [not funded by your government like NPR or PBS] report citing Treasury IG reports going back to 1999 …that indicate Congress has known … well… read it if you choose.

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