Happy Father – less Dei

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by Buck68™, June 16th, 2013
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Rules by Rulers for Your Protection, for Your Safety, for Your Affordable Health Care…

1-You are SEPARATED from Our Father. You must not sign or mention His Name in public. The Father must not be sensed by any sense whatsoever on public and government property. You must ‘respect’ every “faith” of Diversity … but not the evil one that perverts and enslaves.
2-Your Government “monitors” and “records” your EVERY communication by transparent secrecy. This is for National Security; to not do anything wrong ever while catching dozens of plots and missing only the unexpected and self-evident truths; and, for Leaders to speechify, not remember, not know, be interpreting, and be saying the least untruthful. You just Feel Think Say Do EXACTLY as Leaders say – be IN – and you will be protected. Really.
3-Sign up to get more by all means IF…. IF… you are IN.
4-IF you are not IN, you are… isolated. Then, something – whatever – could happen to you. Nobody who’s Anybody would know… honest… be cause Awareness has not been appropriately Raised by the Awareness Raisers. Whatever could be Breaking You… but it would not be “Breaking Gnus”. ‘We’ would feel sad, have a presser, just move on to get that scarred for life closure, and immediately do whatever it takes so it never happens again.
5-It’s not enough to totally give your hope and change away. You must keep sparing a couple 3 5 dollars for each Friend who emails; be not a taxed; be fee-ed; be customer served; be questioned or searched by any the millions of honest dedicated hardworking public servants in Federal, State, and Local governments.
6-Keep INvesting… totally… in the Education of taking, getting, occupying, accessing …and objectively feeling depressed and/or oppressed as your sexuality is probed then accessed until whatever is only natural. End age and sex discrimination!
7-Your Health is Affordable, costing less more than the more it could cost, and you can keep your plan or doctor, really. Health Care is Government so caring, so appropriately… by Departmentally compartmentalizing and profiling. It starts when a female ‘chooses’, and covers everything for every body until you get unsustainably recycled [Department of Depart-ment].
8-Give Peace a Chance? Join the Peaceful Religion. Then whatever happens… you be peaceful. Say ‘tolerance’.
9-Be a FORWARD FatherINg for Fatherless by:
[a] “women love me”
[b] buzzing for ”bimbo eruptions” by the evil ones.
[c] inseminating a carrier
[d] being a deadbeat dad who is IN, not the isolated evil deadbeat dads who “must be held accountable”

10-There is nothing new under the sun… until an exceptional human being “dis-covers” it.

FREE AT LAST! FREE AT LAST! THANK …uh …uh … WE’RE FREE AT LAST! We shall [que sera, sera] overcome?

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