Hey You! Make Your Makeover!

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by Buck68™, November 29th, 2012
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Sometimes some strident person just gets too silly in the ironies in their own words. TODAY’s example: Ann Coulter, in Human Events.

CLICK to read: "Make Democrats Own the Economy"

Wasting no time, Ann starts with her title, “Make the Democrats Own”. “Make”? The liberty of imposing your will on others? Destroy the village in order to save it? The brilliance of “exciting” only profiled groups who already agree with you? That November 6th minor feedback on the Republican campaign to “make” Democrats?

“Own”? What doesn’t Ann get about “Occupy”? Take? The 99%? Irony: what doesn’t Ann get about …”getting”? Where’s the “own” in… “a shot and a break”? How about waivers, exemptions, announcements, specials, “access”, rights to…whatever? Democratic personalities, wonks, celebrities… have better PR, are cooler, more popular? Irony: unpopular, evil, profiled people “have a PR problem”? Well then, “get” some Makeover artists on it!? Do some “re-imaging”? BTW, whassa “economic theory”? Our Keeper won – duh… is he in charge? Who needs budgets, plans, Congress, laws? We have FORWARD, Progress, Empathy, “all means necessary”, lists, and most of all, The First Minority Majority, Half All, Charismatic That Knows Me Better! Who in their right mind would vote for that evil rich profiler who has this frightening power and intent to beam us back in time to… way too far back? But do NOT ask my Keeper…WHAT he knows about me. Just KNOW that if i feel bad about my Keeper, I am… whatever you feel is bad.

Science Says Stimulus~Response ‘triggers’ instinctively bypass common sense, even sentience. Science describes addiction. The Facade – cover-up – is part of human nature. So what is a rational appeal, or the moral “be honest”… to an amoral person? How about to a person who feels right in his own mind? And what imperfect person trying to follow moral standards… is not a hypocrite, a liar, a perverter of truth?

So, what’s The Problem Republicans “have”? Is it that they are out, not “IN”? In the game of Survival of the Fittest with the label “Election”, they have been Naturally Selected …out. They are that way: every person who cares, knows. Who listens to someone ‘out of it’? Those out of it, are entertainment for those IN, like a cat plays with a mouse. It’s only natural. Every kid knows that.

For those with some obscure, out of touch feeling for the appendix of reason [“theory”], you need go no farther than the mantras from Celebrate Diversity – Respecting All Lifestyles and Cultures. By Empathy, “it depends on what is…is” and “lying doesn’t rise to the level”. “Whatever” for short.

Or, try reasoning or moralizing with your dog… while some organizer keeps enticing it with more and more …bones. Watch what “happens”. Then, mantra “Never Go Back” until it never happened. Don’t “be honest”; be “sincere”, and it will be there for you!

Didn’t Socrates say he was surprised his sustainability vote was that close? Gee, how does the Circle of Life not… cycle?

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