Not a Privilege by Not a Tax For All to Enjoy The Signature Achievement

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by Buck68™, October 22nd, 2013
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whew! …more Affordable, Mandated rites in another square-wheeled rollout is… so FINE for us.

truly truly… only Pogroms of Whatever [POW] to Raise Awareness… can totally, honestly, actually, really [THAR]… so cure it always happens more… again….

Stay thirsty my friends! What Charismatic can’t EXCITINGLY take off one mask to sincerely reveal …another? And who doesn’t want to be stimulated?

NOW… be frightened and outraged daily… and not to worry! Soon the millions of dedicated, hardworking, Appropriate Government Servants will find that evil Single Payer who’s been hoarding his evilly gotten way too much gains and… “hold him accountable”…. All we really need is a Holder for Cowards… how tough can that be?

Soon, our Keeper will make never-ending rivers of trillions out of the billions that the evil Single Payer steals and hoards by oppressing and discouraging us poor, dumbed-down, disadvantaged. Soon The Keeper will stop The Incredible Injustice… by redistributing e a golden flow of …exactly totally the stuff He alone knows we really need.

and the Future will be … exactly as expected, just like Science Says. Circle get the Square. Your Keeper Declares that You… ALL of you… WILL ENJOY it.

And, You have Not a Hope. We twice gave Our Keeper our Hope. Our Keeper is our hope. Why? Be Cause, the only One who, if He had a Son, would not know Who He looks like… would truly be The Creator of all.

Promising Points to Ponder. [based on quote above].

If you had a “signature achievement”, would that mean you built it?

Or would it mean… you signed a thousand+ page document you never read telling non-existent legions of organizations and servants to do whatever by writing hundreds of thousands of pages of whatever words by 2024?

Is an “achievement”, a good “intention to deliver on a promise”? How about a promise that “if you like your heath care plan, you can keep it” …; except, if you can’t?

What is a promise that I can break or not have made, or you have misrepresented… whenever, however I feel? Does a Promise of Whatever [POW] make Prisoners of Whatever? POWs for Fairness for Life, for your Safety… where you always get more Raising Awareness, but never your ‘fair share’?

When you go to a doctor, does the doctor provide medical care uniquely for you [a human being]? Or, does she profile you into a group or statistical probability and then do you The Group Solution? Does your doctor “achieve” [complete doing]… by intending to deliver his promise all must enjoy? Of course not – who does not know that is silly? But soon, a dedicated hardworking government servant will authorize any and all care for you by whoever or whatever he authorizes… or not. Simply by signing… or not.

Meanwhile, affordable glitches and unexpecteds happen as WE always go FORWARD to care for you and your never-ending oppressions; disadvantages; un-awarenesses; horrifying lack of food shelter clothing; depressions and traumas; scars for life; and desperate needs for …more …that are so discouraging, working all my so needs to get and take… overwhelm any desire to work. Thus, I am “fully invested in education”. Meaning, indebted to my feelings until my debts ‘go viral’ nationally.

Wait a minute! This is just dragging on endlessly, from crisis to crisis, over and over, with no Hope!

I REMEMBER this crisis! It happened when I was a young boy… usually, as I was making a stealth beeline for the nearest door to go out. Suddenly, Mom would ask me if I had cleaned my room. So suddenly, this same unexpected crisis of impending immediate catastrophe happened…so I had to act! I don’t have a clue about you, but I answered immediately, sincerely, with my “signature achievement” for “social justice”: “yes I can”! In fact, I can totally testify that I honestly intended to keep that promise! My word was my bond… or some such “full faith and credit”. So in each crisis about my Right to Choose…I never once defaulted! I kept raising my debt ceiling and my words got more and more transparent. I was just an oppressed Promise Keeper in those daze. NOW I am an adult: totally organized for action and invested in education. Then, my Mom kept oppressing me with house cleaning… and where was government to fight for me while I was enslaved…being scarred fo life? But NOW… we’ve come a long way, baby! Er… I mean… fellow chosen ex-fetal tissues!

Note to Self: thank The Unknown God… I am not-Him. Especially each time I sincerely feel I am. Why do I suddenly hear the faintest, long denied & avoided echo from my Mom: “wait until your Father comes home!”

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