Syria-ly! The Serial Media Blitz for Emotionally Appropriate Compulsion

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by Buck68™, September 8th, 2013
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I just can’t stand idly by while whoevers force me to ask questions or think for myself. It is TIME… to pay attention ONLY to our Leader’s Appearances on media… “uninterrupted by questions” so our Awareness will be Raised for The Speech of National Climax to FORWARD on Tuesday.

Regardless of your feelings about whatever is going on wherever ‘elsewhere’ is…is … you are getting what the media says is a blitz, a campaign, an all-out effort … to tell you EXACTLY what you must feel, think, say, do [FTSD] about… well, whatever “Syria” means.

The bottom line in this norm red never line is very simple: you MUST do WHATEVER, EXACTLY, you are TOLD to FTSD. Don’t listen to ANY of THEM – their credibility is on the line of another not a line.

Honest: ALL these, and many more ‘questions’… are inappropriate from the time I open my mouth – for you gave me your Hope and NOW I AM… your Keeper of Credibility. Do NOT pay any Awareness to ANY of the following:

Where is the conflict: Syria, regional, or worldwide?
What kind of conflict: military, civil, terrorist, ideological, cultural, political, social, humanitarian?
Who was and has escalated their aid to which of each of the many groups fighting inside Syria?
How long has this conflict been going on in various forms among how many changing ‘sides’?
Weapons: where is each kind of weapons [from simple to hi tech to WMD] coming from and how are they replaced and/or upgraded?

Did Syria make all their chemical weapons and delivery systems?
Can Russia replace any / all weapons and systems Syria could lose?
How does a nation determine if a conflict is affordable or controllable?
When a debtor [not have, owe] nation takes and spends more resources and lives… where does it get whatever it does not have?

What has been ‘happening’ since 911? Is it a war and not-a-war and overseas contingency operations, isolated harming, workplace violence, Arab spring, racist, profiling, demonizing, extremist anti-Islam videos, I don’t remember, and at this point what does it matter…?

Can the greatest nation ever, so exceptionally totally, whom the world and all caring people everywhere hate and hate more, so evil for intervening and crusading in the past whenever I was PRESENT and They Did It… be the Isolated to Syria Lobber of The Hope of Exactly The Rite Number of Rockets’ red glare that will deter and prevent …whatever… for Humanity We Must Act?

When you are walking down the street in your place, with your fav whoever by whatever and the kids, and harming you starts to happen… what do YOU do FIRST? When whatever happens to not you, what do you do FIRST? What is YOUR… Red Line AND Never Whatever?

Does your head hurt from trying to NOT pay attention to anything EXCEPT whatever you are told to FTSD by your Keeper?

Want Peace in the Place of 50 Years of 2200+ Pogroms to Raise Awareness? Get you some UN-awareness! Be…all you can’t be, and be only human. All the animals [and plants] do it.

===may the Peace of Emotional Blitzing BE… UPON… you… for your Safety.

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