The Athletic Exercise of Education

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by Buck68™, February 8th, 2013
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Please read this carefully, first. Then, read this article while comparing to Mr Price’s article.

CLICK to read Mr Pierce's article, "the O’Bannon Decision

Is Grantland author Pierce asking if the meteoric rise of exceptional empathetic men is far more visionary than that of the average brachiosaurus?

Definitely, maybe. Homo sapiens are defined by ‘awareness’; yet, possessing sentience… our betters are constantly “raising awareness” with evermore exploitations in rules …for you …to feel, say, think, do… exactly as you are told.

Given the power to reason, we keep choosing to rationalize; to pet our feelings; to keep charading ourselves with evermore …logical fallacies.

So what’s this minor amateur collegiate athletic charade of exploitation compared to… all the rest?

What’s athletic exploitation… compared to the exploitation of students… compared to the exploitation of the institutions of education, and the term education itself? How about exploiting sympathy… empathy… divisions… diversity? How about exploiting the concepts of ‘meaning’ and ‘morals’?

Dear Reader – you don’t know. How can you begin to learn, when you keep selling your means to recognize and comprehend that you have been given in common and uniquely? If you refuse to use it… do you eventually lose it? How well can you fake ‘thinking’ by saying words that mean… whatever you feel at the moment? Can you ‘feel I think’? What are you doing – rationally or scientifically – when you give your trust to another… and… Totally, Honestly, Actually, Really [THAR] – it is ‘him’ who ‘let you down’?

Dear Mr. Pierce. Why pursue this logically, when we can become much more famous and rich by exploiting a piece of the puzzle of our choice and get notorious by successfully fingering yet another awful evil ‘them’?

Dear Average Human Being. Does a caring person concerned with another’s exploiting… use that other directly to exploit, or indirectly to mask his own exploiting? I’m only human… how about you?

Raising Your Awareness, O Expert… should an expert start with What Comes First?

1-Human beings are sentient, and given gifts in common and uniquely. A person is an animal of human nature, with …for want of whatever word – a soul.

2-Ipso facto, the imperfect cannot perfect himself.

3-There are things greater than me individually, any group of people, and humanity – the understanding and measure of which no one can intrinsically or experientially ‘know’… or they wouldn’t be… ‘greater than me’ …whom my ego humbly says is ‘greater than you’.

4- When a person asserts he knows of our origin, meaning, morals, and destiny – by his any and every false claim, he suggests there IS a Being who does know, in full. The partial suggests the complete. The image, suggests substance. Perception, suggests reality. All creation suggests the Creator. People who claim to create… suggest the humor and irony of denying The Creator. And all …suggests we have been given freedom to choose – that very individual and inalienable power we often deny, and yet continually try to take from others.

5- IF there is no God, then there is no perfect, righteous, selflessly loving, objective … Person. Thus no Ultimate Authority for standards of morals or relationship or measure or method. There is Science. Science is created by men declaring things unseen… ‘not there’ or ‘un-Scientific’ or ‘unprovable’. Exceptional Scientists declare Nature by the principles Science establishes by…uh… enough observation: Random Determinism in Entropy. Exceptional Scientists claim Progress by Discovery. Dis…cover literally means uncovering that which is already there, then declaring what previous scientists discovered as…[whatever]. How? Exceptional Scientists assert Accuracy & Knowledge Progress by Rigorous Peer Review. An ordinary person might recognize this as a committee deciding it is right by all or any or no or whatever means…and imposing that decision on others.

6-Where are morals in Science? There are … ‘forces of Nature’… as observed by… men… on the road to declaring themselves… exceptional. What are the Forces of Nature operating in ‘life’? Scientists declare: Survival of the Fittest by Natural Selection [during adaptation and/or mutation]. The ordinary person might recognize this as ‘doing the best I can’ by ‘doing whatever is necessary’ by ‘all means necessary’. And so forth. What… little person… does not start this way? Who… ‘outgrows’ this? How?

7-So … is the question who is exploiting who so ‘we’ can ‘get justice’ on ‘them’? Am I …just droning on? Or, who among us is not exploiting continually by all means necessary so it always happens again?

If a person accepts Science as ‘fact’ or ‘fact-based’; then, where’s the success, the caring, the exposing, the gain, the crusading… in just another entertainment of our feelings about the most natural and pandemic of happenings among us feelers of passions and perceptions? When did ‘fighting back’ start… and when will it ‘get there’?

Don’t listen to Mr Pierce… listen to ME! Pay ME, not him or them! Call ME nice names. Twitter Facebook Viral ME… not… well… anybody else.

Hmmm. It seems I have humbly replaced Mr Pierce… with ME. Gee… how’d THAT … ‘happen’? Stay stewed for My Press Conference where I will announce or memo Whatever … So It Will Never Happen Again!

Stupid “average brachiosaurus” … how could ‘they be’ … ‘so stupid’? Hmmm… it’s Raining… so I AM… an excellent driving writer?

About me: I am a writer when I write. I put what I write on a communications medium…or not. I do not write regularly; rather, I write each time I write. I do not write for Brand X. I am not a lead writer. I am frequent by… breathing. I am no guest by my perception; other person’s perceptions of me are… individually, theirs. I am ‘full of it’, trying desperately but ineffectually to save my own skin… an exercise which intrinsically involves the self-destructive polishing of my own façade until I believe my own B.S. so I can delusionally just move on. If it takes one to know one; then, you know about me.

now… sincerely …if it will possibly save even one life… we must deny ownership of a thing of whatever kind to all law-abiding citizens. But, if “a few innocent civilians” are killed in a drone strike… it is…is …whatever i feel or just forgot.

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