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by Buck68™, November 9th, 2012
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Question: what is the human nature meaning of this election? Surfing TV and internet for something simple, basic, and inclusive … did this CBS article [CLICK to read] hit the age old mark?

what is false and delusional confidence, for a billion and an election?

Good ol’ human nature. Here’s a way too old simple model about human relationships from the field of human psychology, The Johari Window, [ref Wikipedia].

So CBS reports this Romney “shell-shocking”. Is Romney’s shell-shocking what’s important here; or, does this include his supporters, and Republican organizers and consultants? Remember the shellacking of 2010? Perhaps it was not shocking, be cause 2010 didn’t happen to the Chief – just his followers?

Trying to set aside our foolishness and BSing for a moment, emotional terms like shell-shocked and surprised mean… we didn’t see it coming. That begs the child’s question, “why”? Trying to set aside our natural responses – fight, flight, anger, blame, envy – the Johari Window is one means of considering possibilities, based on the Scientific facts of how humans perceive and interact.

Let’s apply the Johari Window model to consider just one rational possibility of many – the Romney Blind Spot. Johari defines the Blind Spot as what is unknown to you…but known to others. Let’s just consider one possibility here – that Romney caused [he built it] his own surprise. How could I cause my own surprise? Let’s set aside our rational inabilities [lack of skills, methods] to focus on unwillingness [emotional] to see. Why limit our selves to our unwillingness? Be cause Science Says our will both sets us apart from animals, yet by stimuli that triggers us, we instinctively and in any bias, first respond as…animals do.

Why is this important? Be cause, if I am unwilling to see what is rationally evident that stands between me and reaching my objective… aren’t I working against my purpose? Isn’t it both emotionally and rationally sound… to feel and think that… working against against my self …harms me? How about the certainty that unwillingness great enough to thwart me effectively working toward my purpose… will only get worse the more I do it? Otherwise, the more I did of it, the more I would see some of my self-harm and, naturally… change to help myself?

So, if any of us cannot see this reasoning IN OUR OWN SELF-INTEREST, isn’t it both a simple and very significant illustration of how our unwillingness works against us? Why won’t we see, what we rationally could see ourselves [leaving aside others to focus on the Chief Perceiver]? I am unwilling to see what I could see, be cause of my willingness to deceive my self. And the more I see myself as a power, a leader, a charismatic – the more I am willing to deceive my self into greater Blindness. Put another way, when I practice my own BS enough… don’t I start to “really” believe it?

Now, as an “influencer” of others howsoever each other chooses each instance – what am I doing as I …feel say think or do my own self-deceptions?

For example, when I say to some group special… to ME: “47% of the people are takers, and they won’t change” … what is the building, solving effect on me [leaving others aside to focus]?

Well… why would I appeal to, speak to, learn about… people against me who …whose emotions and beliefs conflict with mine, and will not change? Do i have to even think about this? I already emotionally ‘know’… to ignore them.

Put another way, what do I learn when I speech AT people who AGREE with me? What do I gain? If I try to “fire them up” with what they already believe or agree with… isn’t that presuming that whosoever agrees with me will not… do something to help themselves that they already agree with? Hmmm. What kind of ‘support’ is that? Loyal… or “fairweather”?

So… my strategy is to “excite my [lesser %] base” MORE than the other guy needs to turn out his bigger base? AND … suppress/hope the other side can’t do the same or better base turnout?

Maybe the bigger “surprise” is that 27%, or 6%, or some small % of those individuals I profiled and ignored … voted for me anyway?

What does imaging, messaging, and marketing your own self-deceptions via ad-ver-tising inherently do to the moral principles of honesty and integrity? Every person’s?

How much is too much when it promotes the opposite of what you Blindly feel you stand for AND reduces your millions of opportunities [poling the counting, so to speak] by nearly half?

Where is “integrity” when you apply your Blinding principle of “he failed, I can?” “He didn’t do it, I will not fail”?

What is the principle of “it’s over if ‘they’ “win”? Compared to the Yogi-ism of “it’s not over ’til it’s over”?

Consider this whole Johari Window model. There’s no ‘we’ or ‘they’ in it – just you and others. There’s no ‘beliefs’ or ‘feelings’ or morals or slogans in it, only the relational measurement of ‘known’ to ‘unknown’ to put in context and measure … that which you decide to measure.

If you goto someone who agrees with you – from a friend for free, to a consultant for 10 millon dollars – what bias are you going to get?

Who is more likely to lose WHATEVER they value? The Blind Man blinding himself… or the seeker of something greater than self?

Boy that Romney is dumb… I NEVER do this. I AM… my Keeper. FORWARD!? I feel so right in my own mind, in my passion….

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