The Daring Trapeze Expose of Simply Tricksters Tricking Trickees….

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by Buck68™, November 29th, 2012
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This was so fun! It reminded me of the ancient [totally way too old] saying mommies taught kids: “whatever mean words others say about you, bounce off you and stick on to them.”

But i sincerely feel most people have never heard of this saying. How could they? Be cause we must Never Go Back; so, if i didn’t write it down…i can’t remember anything! And I can’t read plus words mean whatever, so how could i comprehend really writing? And, Exceptional Leaders keep on reinventing whatever, by all means necessary. And, there is more and more “access” to “healthcare”, and constant growing need for “INvesting IN Education”, and evermore pogroms to “raise awareness”.

So, after i read these two articles… you can just imagine it took me a while to stop laughing. But my amazement continues… inside. I don’t know about you, but I found doubling each pleasure more than doubled each humor, in reading the first article, put on Google+; then, the second article referenced in the first.

CLICK to read: Walter Hickey at Business Insider, "EXPOSED: Here Are The Tricks That Fox News Uses To Manipulate Statistics On Its Graphics"

CLICK to read: [by Jeff Leek at Simply Statistics] "The statisticians at Fox News use classic and novel graphical techniques to lead with data"

Where to start the humor that keeps on giving?

EXPOSED? Who…exposed who…about what? If I, told you you were EXPOSED… i am only saying you were unexposed before. That’s nice for ignorant or tricked. How do i know…you …like that? Compare the two article titles… what differences do the words in the titles… expose? That is, if words mean things.

Tricks? Once upon a time tricksters used tricks to entertain or mislead without the trickees knowing how the trickster did it…or it wasn’t a trick. But NOW… Some Somebody just saying Tricks knows you are Manipulated AND don’t know how the parts the ‘tricks’… work. Simply: you are rationally and emotionally stupid. And then it describes the elements in plain sight…even giving graph examples… of what i learned once upon a time in… elementary and middle school. Now [confession] I was a lazy student best at doing only what i had to to get by… “learning” was the farthest thing from my mind. So if I – an out of touch evil bigoted totally uncool fossil – remember and recognize what the writer characterized as “tricks” and then described in word and chart… just imagine how stupid you have to be to …not get it! It’s gotta be so funny. Be cause if the writer MEANT you were “tricked”… he’d be insulting your skills, your talents, your learning… be fore he even got to your personal oppressions, stress, disabilities, feelings, disorders, and persecutions by evil ones for all the wrongs everywhere upon you. So, it’s gotta be even more funny-stupid than… totally, honestly, actually, really [THAR]!

Every paragraph, every graph in each article, every comparison, has at least 1 new and more funny! Like a free, awareness raising with stimulations after more stimulations! And not a single… Bail Out!

So I, certainly do not need to point to or explain them to all you out there! You are so much more IN, more better, more smarter, more getting, more having, more Kept, more INvested IN… than i.

Your passions must be totally stimulated… I can only envy the Diversity of fun you are having reading these articles.

My Cry for Help is GIMME sum of your fun! I am so…tricked i’m almost … ‘tricked out’.

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