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by Buck68™, November 25th, 2012
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Could “first” be key? First – regardless of whatever you feel – here’s some Special Somebody’s First Keyword.

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OK, what do you do first when you open the door to a dark room? My guess is feel for the light switch. Would I light that room if i felt light? Desired light? Said light? OK, clapped might do it. Keyword: do. There’s a “do” in there somewhere – some way to turn on the light. The light doesn’t “be there for you”.

However, allegorically, if the light in you is darkness… how great is your darkness?

NOW here again Newt the Leader, the Professor, lectures his faithful. For who else reads Newt, besides his followers? Newt states that “a lot of focus” [the nameless many, so i can sincerely feel it’s ‘them’, not ME] is “exactly wrong” and “profoundly misleading”.

Yes Newt, you are indeed the uncontested winner here in exactly wrong and profoundly misleading. Why? Be cause you start somewhere in the middle of something with your conclusions. But only profoundly misleading by human rational and empirical standards? No. Presuming you ARE [as compared to feel] a Christian, you are a last implicitly claiming first.

Don’t worry – everybody does it, so we never move on by Fairness.

The point? First is First…Last…and Everything of Origin, Meaning, Morals, and Destiny. Does not all Creation testify of these by discovery, revelation, relationship, and mystery…?

Put simply, if i build my house upon the sand… how does it not get Sandy? Science even says Sandy will be Random and Determined during the natural process of Survival of the Fittest by Natural Selection. Remember the Three Sirens of Greek myth? How about calling Random, Determined, and Survival of the Fittest; The Three Fairlies of Progress? Distracted to the Rocks by the Sirens… what… keeps happening to the FORWARD Progresses of… whosoever does not put First… first?

Be still… and know that I AM God? Does anything and everything come from Thee Greatest? Or from ME, your fav Lesser jest sayin’ how very special i am… enough for you to feel i am “charismatic” enough to, despite whatever, be your Final Solution? With enough Totally, Honestly, Actually, Reallies [THAR] to Keep you… stimulated?

So Newt provides a Nit, like every person Professing to be Wise. Every person, regardless of how Charismatic or Profound. How does any human nit, compare with First?

Therefore, being the humble wonderful nice person i totally am, really… i shall trust …whatever & whoever feels good to me. Dear Leaders call this “loyalty”… and those who practice loyalty, “special”. Actually, it’s closer to “choice”. Choice meaning the cut of human meat you have chosen to be all you are told. Not choice – the exercise of our gift of sentience from Thee One We Must Not Mention.

Thus, SEPARATED from Thee First, the last shall be first cut; and the first, cut last, later.

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