The Politics of Reshaping is the Reality of SEPARATION

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by Buck68™, July 26th, 2013
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CLICK to read Breaking News! NYT exposes less mentioned, quietly appointing Chief Justice and FISA interpreting!

Charlie Savages Chief Justice? “Shaping” is outed… so “reshaping” … ‘never happens again’? The Never Ending Story of How Intrusive Can Government Be in Namen der… whatever? Charlie…don’t you PAY ATTENTION to our Commander-in-Chief, who JUST TOLD US YESTERDAY that all these “scandals” were… di…versions?

Have “recent leaks” “focused attention”? Altered “mentioning” statistics?

And so the breaking news, the evils in secret, the “quiet” frights and outrages… continue. And the statistics prove it – “it” being… whatever I feel.

All honest empathetic people are suffering horribly just like Zimmerman Juror B29! We know who did it, we know it was murder, we just couldn’t find the evidence, we were confused by instructions, I The Only Minority was totally the only one who felt Correctly, I voted with ‘them’ and I let everyone [everyone who is IN] down, I apologize to the… ‘family’. The… SEPARATED… family Reshaped for this Event to Get Justice.

Charlie Savage knows the Evil One… “quietly” appoints evil minions who “favor the government” and “interpret” laws howsoever they… feel. White robes, black robes… what’s the diff? Shirley Multicolored Robes will solve the problem… the awful FORWARD Progress of Just Moving On? Or maybe Mrs. Roberts should hold a presser with her ‘other’ and just stand by the latest weiner who has so humiliated her time and again but you must vote for be-cause?

So, Charlie, what’s in this “all the news” that’s “fit to print” …besides your sincere feelings and urges for more Diversity?

Just 3 examples of the mind-boggling that proves we so need more government, more IN-vesting IN Education….

First, our intrepid reporter reveals Senator Blumenthal’s [D-Conn] prescient vision: “Viewing this data, people with responsibility for national security ought to be very concerned about the impression and appearance, if not the reality, of bias — for favoring the executive branch in its applications for warrants and other action.”

Well, Charlie… what is “responsibility” in the Diversity of Empathy? What is “ought to be” when I am whatever I feel? This Senator TELLS you and YOU quote him: “…very concerned about the impression and appearance, if not the reality, of bias – for favoring.” Perhaps you “ought” to READ for literal meaning instead of your feelings? But no… who does that whenever right in his own mind? Whenever ‘my perception is reality’? When I long ago [never go back!] gave away my hope and change?

Second, Charlie browns the football of kicking the vision can – if that’s even possible with the brownest football ever. Charlie discovers change! “The court’s complexion has changed at a time when its role has been expanding beyond what Congress envisioned when it established the court as part of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. The idea then was….”

It’s …”complexion”. “It’s role”? It is an “it”, not a person; perhaps a tissue, a happening, a thing going FORWARD for Progress in the Circle of Life? And oh the humor: “what Congress ‘envisioned’”? Charlie, what WAS “the idea” … “then”?

So Charlie, an ‘it’ … has this ‘vision’ and some of a group [Congress] vote to …make a law that …tells others to do stuff without the minor details of implementing this… this… “vision” and “the idea” …? And… 10 short years or so later… “discovers” … interpretations and rule changes? Oh the surprise?

Third, saving the best for last, right where Charlie put it:

Representative Steve Cohen, [D-Tenn] “…has filed a bill that would let Congressional leaders pick eight of the court’s members, said it was time for the court to have a more diverse membership.” Rep Cohen said, “They all seem to have some type of a pretty conservative bent,” he said. “I don’t think that is what the Congress envisioned when giving the chief justice that authority. Maybe they didn’t think about the ramifications of giving that much power to one person.”

Uh…Charlie… did you ask how “Congress” or “leaders” GOT THAT MUCH POWER in the first place? Where Congress GOT THE AUTHORITY to “give that authority” to the Chief Justice… or ANY “one person”? How about any IN group by statistical “analysis”? One minor observation: is it not our human nature to TAKE POWER rather that ‘give it’? Take…whatever you can get? Take…by all means necessary? Lead or organize by …getting others to get for me?

Dear Charlie – are we having feelings about something each person already knows, however he “reshapes” it?

What person does NOT “reshape” his perceptions by his sincere feelings about how he is so right and knows what’s real? All any person has to do is SEPARATE from “self-evident truth”. And…then ‘it happens’. Oh the sincerity! I sin-searly “take responsibility” for… blaming and dividing others so I can… get more… for My Vision …of Diversity …for others.

Any and all of us [US] who exercise the freedom of SEPARATING from The Self-Evident Truth, join the Legion of Survival of the Fittest by Natural Selection. Call it whatever Shape you feel… while living the parasitic [er… charismatic] Die-Versity of Totally, Honestly, Actually, Really … Concerned.

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