The poor misguided kid Buckeye… is he out of touch…

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by Buck68™, November 30th, 2012
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or… iz he be evil? How did this crafty Craft get a freebie scholarship to compete… instead of INvesting IN Education? Where’s the Outrage? Craft could too richly get out of Education without his Fair Share … of federal student loan DEBT! Read the Shocking Totally True Story here…to find Cliffs after Cliffs of Cliff Notes on the Perils of Going Back!

CLICK to read: Ozone article by Brandon Castel, "Craft Motivated by Disappointing Performance at Duke"

Here’s just a few quoted examples of the EXPOSED nefarious evilness of this guy stealing sum of our Educational money by all the passionate fantasies in your Dream Act.

1- Aaron Craft doesn’t take losing well. Wrong! You must “take”… student loans. You must “take” exactly and only what you are TOLD to take. You must be Fair on the Level Playing Field and BE all the same for Fairness.

2-he is the one who came up short when the biggest moments of the game called for him to make the plays…. So wrong! Actually, he was oppressed. He was discriminated against for his shortness. We so know games don’t “call for him”. Neither do coaches. Only Keepers call. All others are …distractions. And ONLY the Keeper… “makes”. Your job fo life is to Occupy; to Take; to Feel… EXACTLY as you are told. Finally, how can anyone but The Keeper know “the biggest moments” of…whatever?

3-“You have to be disappointed…,” said Craft. Totally so wrong! Your Keeper appoints you and me – us in US plus whoever in the world he announces. So you can’t be dis…appointed. And it is totally so inappropriate to free speech to dis… your Keeper’s appointment. You just feel, think, say, do exactly and only what Keeper tells us. For example, “never go back”. Where is the PAST TENSE, the memory, any experience… in FORWARD?

4-“I’m one of the guys this team has to look up to. This so shocking and outrageous. You must look up to your Keeper… ONLY your Keeper. You must look down on everyone else to BE on the Level Playing Field, so that everyone is kept down the same and always stays there, for universal Health Care for Affordable Sustainability.

5-Craft is the kind of kid who gives everything he’s got every time he steps on to the court, and then some. Totally, honestly, actually, really [THAR]… horrifying. Infinitely worse than an isolated harming, this “giving” is evil itself and must be stamped out NOW. We must PAY, get the Keeper’s exemption, or have “not a tax”. Gee… where’s the Speech Code when we need it? But the one good thing about this total evil is that, only obviously, Craft is naked, broke, and unaware of anything past …”every time he steps on the court, and then some.”

[skipping more incredible unbelievables to the end of the article…]

6-“We have to find a way to get better and come back from this. We have to learn from this and come back tomorrow.”

No, no, no, no. You do not “find” – you feel. There is no “we”, except whoever is “IN”. There is no “a way” only His Way. You do NOT “come back”; you be happening by whatever your Keeper acts & gets by all means necessary.

“Tomorrow”? What’s tomorrow when Thee Federal Government owns Hope and Change… and we’re Occupied having a Stockholm Syndrome with NOW?

“Learn”? LOL. Mispelt ‘lean’. We are “getting our justice” of endless pogroms and noises to “raise awareness”.

[repeat Carmen Ohio refrain to fadeout]
Time and Change will War On to show,
we souled our liberty for the same ol’ blow.

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