The SEPARATED Progress of Exceptional Cancer Reform

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by Buck68™, August 15th, 2013
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In this Townhall [online] article, Brent Bozell proclaims Mark Levin’s new book, The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic, “to the Rescue”. The leaven of Levin, so to speak. [CLICK this to read]

Bozell on Levin's book

Oh… the rescuers, the compassionate, the caring, the charismatic, the leaders, the empathetic, the promisers …are many. Are many in each generation, culture, belief, di-vision of men of Vision… for others. The downtrodden, the unfortunate, the oppressed, the less fortunate, the poor, the hungry, the wronged today and yesterday and once upon a time whenever wherever… they all so need… re-forming.

Surely truly truly, if once upon a time some first ever Nobody failed to follow the very first rule – be it myth or mystery or feeling or fact – then adding more and more rules will fix … er, re-form… our problem. Er…your problem.

You see, by my Vision Statement… you… need Me. You… need to give me more power, more resources… so I can fix your inferiorities, your feelings, you… WhateverCare. You… so need thousands and thousands more faithful, hardworking, caring government employees named servants for your thousands of “raising awareness” pogroms and forms and re-forms and rules… my gosh… who can keep track of all the blizzards of stuff that you need to breathe, to walk, to feel you think, to ‘get’ all those things you so desparately need that evil ones are hiding and hoarding from you?

Gee… I can hardly put my self away from… that mirror. But I must, so I can truly, truly see that it is him, and them, that are to blame. Some imposters are sincere. I AM… so sin-sear. It is I – give me your hope and I’ll change whatever, however I please… and give you some scraps from My Table overflowing with your votes, your blood, your liberty, your rights, your resources, your opportunities, your “support” for MY Endless Campaign….

And truly truly, the evil ones try to keep oppressing, keep taking, keep manipulating you… so you so evermore more desperately need… Me.

So we have this evil cancer spreading everywhere by everything so re-forming it into so many so new whatevers that will truly truly…?

“To the Rescue”? Verily… it is I, your Rescuer?

My New Book… my campaigning… my words… my appearances… my speeches… my “transforming” of your resources and feelings… my doing whatever with rules by all means necessary… yes all these so complex things… will “be there for you” so “it”… will get better with more?

Oh yes, I’m so excited … entertained … charismatic-ed ….

He is The One.

So… let us let Him keep re-forming the cancer by His Transforming the Crusade… er, Jihad… er, Give Peace a Chance… into Whatever It Takes… to get you to let Him… get me my stuff and fix whatever however He pleases.

All you and I gotta do, is pick the right He, the right book, the right way, for the right transformation. Now our time is short and our cancer is as legion as our choices for The Reformer by any name. Reformer, Rescuer, Savior, Whatever You So Sin-sear-ly Feel. He who does not gather with ME… scatters!

NOW, all The Better People in the Evolutionary Famous Legion of Saviors… impose, manipulate, take. They are Only Human, doing what comes Naturally by Fact-Based Science. Only One does not impose – He stands, right at each person’s door, and waits all the time of each person’s entire lifetime, for that person to open his own door and invite Him in. Only One gives us our very soul with this “awareness” we claim to need evermore of.

Only One gives each moment, each period, boundless opportunities in every thing in Creation.

Only One re-news.

Only One cleanses… often.

Only One holds all things together by the power of His Word.

Only One loves… not at all as each of us so love whatever we sin-sear-ly feel.

So NOW, let us return to the thrilling Daze of YesterYear – where we must not ever go back to – by having no specific recollection of whatever and not remembering either what we did or said we would do. By evolving. Let us get more by taking from others by all means necessary. Let us be sad, mad, or so excited to hear my fav dear leader. Let us FORWARD by Fighting Back. Dear Friend… are you IN?

Onward… re-form! Upward… to Level Fairness Equality Sameness of Diversity [SOD = The Level Playing Field]!

The Future is Ours Comrade! Be IN! I AM the Way, the Truth, and the Life!

For up-on what comes First… all else de-pends. If you start in the middle, with some sin-sear Die-versity word shuffle or re-IN-vent-shun, will not what comes before… hit you from behind?

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