The Unfortunate Sadness of Supreme Subjection

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by Buck68™, October 23rd, 2013
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I was excitedly feeling about reading this morning…

And what to my wondering eyes should appear, but Scottie Hughes’ 40 year revelation of some un-fortune in

The Unknown Ugly?

What doesn’t this ugly, unknown dumb blonde conservative racist mouthpiece understand about Never Go Back? Sexual rites? Fairness? Access? Choice?

But NOW then, Scottie the Dog outdoes herself, concluding with this final monster dropping:
“it’s unfortunate that they [the Supreme Court justices] were subject to misinformation about women’s health, population control, and popular sentiment.”

NOW – Nation of Cowards – My causes are the really honest causes for social justice, for 2,200 and counting federal pogroms for Raising Awareness, for 46 years of Investing in Education.

Fifty million dead babies? Ha! It’s as simple as feelin’ they’re not-a-baby. Actually, the Not-A-Human game has worked every time when We The Special need to un-invest in some inferior “them”, but demonize them be cause, truly truly, they are evil. Way back in the day, it was as simple as marchin’ & knowin’ the Vietnam vet was the Baby Killer and oppressor. The Charismatic Uncle Ho… said so. Heck, now that we’re Progressed to Drone’s doing it… it’s transparently “collateral damage” while “doing nothing wrong”.

But enough of the tired old whining about 50 million isolated tissue harmings already. Celebrate … the My Law of “settled law”! This means you can’t change it, can’t “interpret” it, can’t avoid it, can’t say anything against it, must pay for it however the Chosen …choose to get ‘it’… or anything related to ‘it’ by ‘whatever’ ‘having a relationship’ the Chosen…feel. Ya folla?

Let me… interpret to you.

My Way is Settled… you are either IN, or…. It’s simple: either you are IN… or I must act by all means necessary. Feel the clarity?

So, whatever I tell you to feel think say do [FTSD] is “information”. Whatever I feel at any moment is not from Me is… misinformation. Simple.

I AM your Keeper. I AM transparent. I AM the First Ever. I AM the Peace Prize. I AM your Hope, your Changer, your transformer, your Health Care. I AM successful by Signature Achievement – any Sign from Me is Every Intention to Keep My Promises to… Me.

NOW exactly Who is this humble savior, this fair leader, this champion of empathy and progress in every Expected Unexpected Crisis? Is some glorious image of that Special Somebody, that Wonderful Charismatic, stimulating you to ever higher heights of your excitement and longing?

Silly you….

It’s ME!

Even the dumb blonde fringe wacko knows that anyone cloaked in some Supreme Whatever trying to take MyPlace in MyWorld… is “subject to… unfortunate un-fortune”.

Put Scientifically:

You are the objective inevitability of mathematical regression analysis in universal random determinism: entropy.

I AM… the transparent search for The Real Killer….

Can you spare a couple 5 bucks by…tonite? This very nite I may require you… for My Information, My Population Control, My Popular Sentiment.

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