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by Buck68™, August 6th, 2013
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special to CNN former TSA Chief Kip Hawley opines about "real" re… form …amidst the "traveler… hate"

How can I – an old, “retired”, out-of-touch, not-an-expert male profiled as “white” by the “correct” people – possibly know – let alone consider – how to improve this gigantic amorphous Federal bureaucracy known as the Transportation Security Agency [TSA]?

Well, given my correct profile, No I Can’t. The kicker is that, by Diversity profiling, in the never-ending progress of the War on Whatever [WOW], ‘nobody’ ‘can’ ‘do’. Given Diversity, given SEPARATION – neither you, nor any individual, can “build it”. When ‘the community’, or ‘the society’, of ‘the government’ ‘get’ [NOT a tax, you just pay] and redistribute resources that they did not make or earn – the result is lowest common denominator, endlessly increasing collective compliance standards for real, live, individual human beings. And ‘the good life’ for those self-anointed ones taking care of us lesser people… for our safety.

Thus, this TSA is but a microcosm, an example, of the consequences of human nature absent morals and standards of merit. TSA can no more be ‘reformed’ [improved, not shuffled – shaken, not stirred] in this condition, than our souls can be saved by our sincere feelings, some latest greatest charismatic, yellow ribbons, sadness, madness, raising awareness, more benes… or any of the Legion of popular social rites for happenings.

Yet, given certain morals and standards of merit [something greater than man] – any person can. Thus, our e pluribus unum solution is to return to our roots – our source: the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Our solution is not to profile and redistribute among many to be the same, and level, and fair; but, to secure the blessings of the Creator’s gift of freedom and liberty to each person. How is simple. Use government to restrain our human nature by declaring and enforcing essentials, and leaving everything else to The People. Not the Collective people – each individual person. Not MORE laws, 90% less laws. Subsidize individual self-reliance and interdependence, not dependence, in the Arena of Life. IF we are …so exceptional …then… keep proving it! It’s called competitive achieving. How does anyone NOT exceptional prove it… but by transparently lying about… whatever… whenever… however?

Having identified ‘all the rest’ of ‘the problem’, [the major premise], the minor premise is TSA re-form. Re-phrasing for the Size Matters collectivist crowd: reduce TSA bureaucracy and regulation. How is so blindingly simple and common sense, you must remain ‘stimulated’ [excited, frightened, angry, envious] – continually distracted from what’s right in front of you – to what is obvious to a child. And let’s ‘allow’ for ‘fairness’ with a few ‘appropriate’ wild goose chases plus ‘entertainment’ keep ‘the masses’ …squirming and/or huddled.

Here’s some simple bean counting re-forms.
1-Cut Civil Service SES positions in TSA by 25% the first year, and thereafter 10%/year for 5 years. What ‘gets better’ by entrenching more collaborators in the system, more sincere foxes in the henhouse, more workplace nolo contendres?
2-IF ‘National Security’ is paramount, and “Public Safety” comes first – eliminate unions in TSA. Unions only do what any special interest does – advance the cause of that interest. What do you expect a special interest to do? MY special interest better keep getting ME more… or it’s just not special! But here – unexpectedly, exceptionally – does safety for all come before our special groups that we love to except and promote? NOW…IF… national security or public safety do NOT come first … or some charismatic only has to say his words for it to happen or NOT-a-terror happen for us … then we can save a WHOLE BUNCH OF $$$ and just eliminate the entire TSA. IF unions are NOT eliminated from TSA, where is the value of twits chattering about pay, merit, seniority, benefits…besides distractions FROM performance?
3-TSA field worker individual judgment on each TSA airport team, by roles. Train personnel to the Israeli method. This means the TSA expert on-scene decides what items are ‘prohibited’ in the context of traveler and situation assessment. Not some ‘list’ or ‘procedure’ more available to the terrorist than the traveler. BUT…BUT… that’s not FAIR! Exactly – your safety is not dependent on fairness or compliance… be cause the bad guys… they just don’t seem to follow the rules. If this a ‘surprise’ to you… change the Charismatic you’ve been so excited about.
4-TSA worker “motivation”. What kind of police force hires policemen that don’t want to catch bad guys? What kind of hospital hires doctors that don’t want to save lives and promote healthy behaviors? IF pay and benefits are the PRIMARY motivator, then why the big surprise that the TSA employee is not as motivated – even NOT motivated – to catch bad guys… and their innocent l’il helpers and enablers? Who among us has proven by their behavior and risks, that their motivation to catch bad guys is… already demonstrated? Uh… soldiers? Does a physical ‘disability’ disqualify a person from… observing? Following? Back-up roles on a team? Station screening tasks? And gee whiz… all the costs of training already spent… used again? Built upon? Compared to adding a ‘new employee’ with all those strings attached at present? So you want to convert soldiers into ‘disabled’ PTSD stats… or could TSA – at ZERO additional cost – address an ex-soldier’s primary motivation – to adapt and achieve [even serve] in civilian life?

I’m so sorry, Kip; but. But I doubt I’m saying anything that you, or any person willing to apply common sense in an uncommon manner, does not already know. Perhaps one thing I keep trying to do is a tad different. For some reason not my fault, I try to start at the beginning, with that old old question: ‘what comes first’?

For upon what comes First, all else depends.

For any of us that does not keep asking that question…and keep seeking the Answer… lying does not rise to the level. How can lying rise to the level, while each liar lies all he can lie or not remember, to his fellow liars? Of course you and I are so right in our own minds, so I don’t mean that in a bad way… honest.

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