Unlawful Command Influence

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by Buck68™, July 14th, 2013
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New York Times accuses, interprets our President's words?…

What is it when the journalist’s own lead sentence contradicts her own first interpretation? She wrote our President “proclaimed”… but “did not intend” “Unlawful command influence”? Or… does a “Remark” have either no specific intention, or whatever intension whoever is appropriate…feels?

What is it that is “complicating” here?

Is our intrepid media journalist for a great metropolitan newspaper… insulting our Commander-in-Chief, the law lecturer, experienced Commander…once again? Is she slyly accusing our Commander in Chief… asserting he does not know legal basics of the Presidency, or what a law is from his legal degree and lecturing? Would she write this if our President were white, or 50%, or 1/32nd, or felt his race, or picked “of color” from a Rainbow? Is she a racist, an extremist mole under guise of being appropriate or having free speech…a wonderful example of why Government, for our Safety, must watch everyone doing anything? Has she EVER said… a word she cannot say without being outed and stripped of everything? Or… did she say the same word but that’s… ‘just the way we talk around here’?

What doesn’t our expert reporter from the world-famous All the News Fit to Print newspaper, understand about – and why does she ignore – our President repeatedly doing exactly what he said he would: “act… by all means necessary”?

What don’t the rich owners of this newspaper understand about “Executive Action” when they crusaded against it as evil? When NOW they feel it is good? When one President did it? When another President did it? The journalist addresses none of these factors… it’s just not The Times to ask – just proceed to more stimulating interpretations of meaning… as if the NYT were… Commander.

Such Tellers [self-anointed Superior Special People] telling you what somebody “really meant” use media to stimulates strife rather than informing their audience. Goading and inflaming is not new; but the technology to overwhelm the human senses and implant people with visceral reactions is… skyrocketing.

We have left our Republic, SEPARATED from self-evident truth… so where’s the surprise we have evolved to our Natural Habitat game of King of the Hill? And in the squirming masses, once yearning to be free, now fighting back to get all they can get… there is YOU…the object or tissue or carbon to play with…a bone to be chewed… when the gales of November come… whenever.

So whenever… what is Unlawful Command Influence?

Unlawful Command Influence… requires a Commander to command subordinates…or to “influence” by power of position or emotion or whatever… to feel think say do [FTSD] contrary to law. Like, “have no specific recollection”… “not remember”… feel whatever meant whatever … blame someone or something else for what you did or did not do… “hold ‘them’ accountable” by all forms of not holding you accountable by law for integrity, job performance, or job standards.

Now who is the best, the top, the first … Commander… but The Commander-in-Chief? Who is higher than the Commander-in-Chief? If he is first, everyone else comes after, is lesser. For upon what comes First… all else depends. So if he is first, he Has The Power to be King… or whatever he feels to say… whatever …is…is.

Now can The First, feel say think do [FTSD] whatever… and being the First, make Right? Does First, make meaning and might? Does might, make right? Does The Keeper, keep whatever by all means necessary?

Perhaps it’s not complicated after all. There is no “unlawful” for the Law Diviner, Definer, Maker, Giver and Interpreter… for he makes whatever commands in whatever form by all means necessary. So “unlawful” is not for Him or whosoever He exempts or waivers. “Unlawful”… is for YOU… UNLESS… Your Commander-in-Chief gives YOU… a pass for… whatever HE wants to.

Look at the word. Is “unlawful” too complicated? Un=not. Lawful=following the law. Unlawful=not following the law. Simple questions:
1-Is ignoring a law not following the law?
2-Is refusing to enforce a law not following the law?
3-Is giving Executive Branch waivers or exemptions to some specials and not others not deemed special… following the law or changing the law for… special people and groups?
4-Is making your own interpretation of a law and following that, following the law?
5-Is Congress passing a law without the means to follow that law, “making the law”? Is giving a law absent the means to comprehend and follow and enforce it… to the Executive Branch to make those means… “enforcing the law”? Is it “separation of powers”, empowering the Enforcer of Laws to make the laws into whatever the Enforcer interprets and directs and requires?

So… what Exceptional do We The People have to LEAN FORWARD and Just Move On? We have The Commander in Chief – our hope and change to tell us exactly what to feel think say do [FTSD]. He means whatever he feels – how many times and ways does he have to say it before YOU pay attention? He is our Source for Meaning. All others are wanna be interpreters of meaning… unlawful… unless The Commander-in-Chief grants them whatever exactly by His empathetic charisma.

So, it is not only “not complicated”… it is so very simple. Either follow The Commander-in-Chief … or you condemn your self by following an imposter. If you do not feel think say do [FTSD] whatever The Commander-in-Chief feels, whenever, you are unlawful. One word of not following one time… is sufficient to condemn you to whatever justice The Commander-in-Chief feels… or enough for The Commander in Chief to proclaim that, if he had a son, he would be like you. This is the Law of the Commander-in-Chief.

In this strange article, whatever it means, is the meaning “potent” as the Professor opines? The answer to ANY question from anyone OTHER than The Commander in Chief …does it not ‘rise to the level’ of betrayal? Our President says: “I expect consequences.” He adds: “So I don’t just want more speeches or awareness programs or training, but ultimately, folks look the other way. If we find out that somebody’s engaging in this, they’ve got to be held accountable.”

PAY ATTENTION to Our Commander-in-Chief! Whatever YOU engage in, YOUR Commander-in-Chief will find out by all means necessary, and hold YOU accountable. YOU are…Somebody.

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