Which comes first: the Mistaker or the Mistaken?

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by Buck68™, May 2nd, 2013
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Today, i stumbled across, then read, this article about those incestuous Republicans:
Red State Editor article

Then, it happened that the following words be:

Upon what comes first, all else depends.

Does what I think, come first?
Does what I feel, come first?
Does whether I agree or not, come first?

If I am not first, in some form or other; then, what I feel or think or aware about some one or some thing else, cannot be first, be cause that requires me first.

So, neither me, nor anything of me of whatever emotion, thought, intention, or action… comes first.

The Great Mistaker comes first. Otherwise, how can the hosts and popularities and so wrongs of the mistaken … be known … totally, honestly, actually, really…? Thus, the totallies and empathies and noises of the Great Mistaker, come first. Who but The Great Mistaker should be entrusted with ‘whatever and everything that needs to be done’ … ‘if even only one can be saved’?

What is as stake for you and I here? The you and I – the good, trusting, loyal followers of the One we gave and give again our Hope and Change to?

We are trading our freedom, our choices, our rights …for the promises of security and safety. This trade, with anyone OTHER than The Great Mistaker… would be what? Sweet… or Not A Sweet? Besides very popular as long as you are IN and meme/mantra by feel/say/think/do EXACTLY as you are told.

So, to this Editor of Red State who is so “deeply troubled” about the two ends [one and the “other”] of a racist, extremist, oppressive bunch of Mistakens or much worse – what does this person matter? What, at this point, does any person from one to the other end of this bunch, matter?

Anyway, this Editor knows far more about the people he names than he says about himself. He only proves he is… mistaken. And no one but the Great Mistaker knows just how deeply and widely and inappropriately this Editor is… mistaken.

Yes, the “track record” of the “mistaken” “would have you believe”… whatever. And that would be… the… Big Mistake.

And truly truly, “the one hope” is in the One we give our Hope to, and must ‘never go back’ to “distance” our selves from.

Now as a professional so wrong Mistaken of Whatever, I do sincerely know one thing: don’t give your hope to me!

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