you can keep it…

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by Buck68™, November 13th, 2013
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Can President Barack Obama “fundamentally redistribute” whatever stuff you have, no matter what?

What if President Bill Clinton tells President Barack Obama to change his law to let you keep your health care plan if you choose to?

Whatever! President Obama did not lie. Not one bit. Honest. I AM living proof…and so are you!

When my ends justify my means; when I AM right in my own mind… OF COURSE i can do no wrong. Can you? See? Simple isn’t it?

So how will our President keep redistributing your stuff? Easy. “Lying doesn’t rise to the level”… of the Keeper. It is you the citizen at the stake. You the citizen are staked to your Keeper, by all means necessary.

It is EXACTLY what President Obama said: his credibility is not at stake. All others’ credibility is at stake. Your Keeper’s credibility is NEVER at stake. YOU ARE.

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