It all comes down to two things….

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by Buck68™, November 24th, 2013
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So sayeth Gil Brandt, NFL Media Senior Analyst, in this article on November 19th.
Gil Brant, NFL Media Senior Analyst, tells it all comes down to two things

What if Gil… got it right? What if, in truth [unchanging perfect accuracy by absolute moral authority], it all comes down to two things?

What is Truth – apart from Gil’s Truth – if Gil is not the Possessor – verily The Author and Perfecter of … Truth?

So Gil says it all comes down to two things… then just moves on to mention… more than two. So let’s scoop up a few of Gil’s candidates and bask in Gil’s NFL Media Senior Analyst wisdom.

How about “lack speed” and “to compete outside conference”? Obviously totally true. Whatever ‘speed’ exists on any team within Gil’s designated territory, it “lacks”. ALL the real players from all over this country now on these 12 real teams… “lack”. And NONE of these teams can “compete” “outside conference”. Not win a lot, not even can’t win at all, but completely unable to even ‘compete’ – i.e. try and in any way in any part of the thousands of statistical points of “analysis” …do better than any individual or any part of any team “outside conference”.

Well, OF COURSE I totally nit pick. OF COURSE, Gil did not EXACTLY say what he literally meant. But do not ask what Gil meant – say 3 Tru-dats, swallow it whole, and Just Move On?

How about “love” and “like even more”? So, there’s this unmeasurable, unfathomable, mysterious spirituality in humans that… conquers all… but? But you “like even more”… some other you pick?

How about “confidence and conviction”? I wonder – if I am “confident” it does not matter upon what basis or where I got that …feeling …from? Does all “confidence”… survive contact with an adversary? What about the legions of adversaries that “have” the “speed & quickness” … that others “lack”? This short approach to the cliff of reality… convicts me. It convicts me instinctively to “just move on”. Just move on – you know, coolspeak for avoid, deny… run away.

Gil: suppose that in our lives – all of us who feel right in our own mind – it all comes down to our bigotry [ignorance] and prejudice [our cognitive unmerited favoritism because whatever feeling or rationalization]? Both are founded on the human rock of offense, the grand unifying theory that self-evident deception that just keeps on progressing under that coat of many colors: I AM your hope, your keeper. I mean Gil – who’s the Boss – Him… or me?

No offense, Gil, but… your phone booth phone keeps ringing… just like mine. Nothing has happened to you [us] but such as is common to man…at every speed and quickness known to or conjured up by man.

As you already know [being ‘aware’], Gil, a discussion of tactics limited to “speed” and “quickness”… is as irrational as our seeking truth by substituting our feelings for Truth’s Author.

Perhaps upon what comes FIRST… all else depends?

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