My Choices, His Good

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by Buck68™, July 28th, 2013
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Doug Giles’ article got me thinking, so it’s his fault i missed church today – the church i was going to miss anyway that the LORD converted into… well… yet another graceful rescue about His love.

CLICK to read Doug Giles' "open letter" article…

Doug: what is an “open letter” to those who can not or will not read? And if read, will not heed?

It is at best… “lukewarm”; a token. Like a study, a poll, a survey, ‘having faith’, calling your self by some label… and every ‘whatever’.

The world’s news is Legion; The Good News is the living Word, His Word of Life. “Testimony” is relaying what and how the LORD has saved you and is calling you to do NOW; with a real person, face to face, TODAY. What is TODAY? That anytime, anyplace, any circumstance we hear The Lord’s voice. What are we to do? Choose: follow Him; or, harden our heart. How do we follow Him? Deny our self [not my will but Thy will O LORD], take up our cross [all of the good, bad, and ugly of my life], and show how The LORD Jesus, by His love and grace, coverts all our evil to His good, to His glory. Not our good, not our glory – His. Not our saying, our doing – His.

Doug: now once upon a time, I too was bad. I wanted to be first, liked, admired, feared, respected, surrounded by friends. Behind my face …book of Totally, Honestly, Actually, Really.., I was unsure, easily and often stimulated, more likely to bluster at or avoid risks, envious of those appearing better at the usual games.

I did some bad things – some caught at, some blamed on others, most escaped from.

So somehow it happened that Jesus saved me and I became… good? Now I tell you all about it? Now I save others by forms of ‘don’t do what I did’? Or …do what I say NOW, not what I did then?

No. No. No. No.

The good in me is not mine – it is His. The Word is good – not my words. I cannot save myself, let alone others. I am no more an authority on morals, rules, or the thoughts and intentions of the heart than I was… then.

This ‘change’… is not me; it is The LORD in me. The only thing I did is acknowledge what He is was and ever shall be: LORD, Savior, Helper – thee sole way, truth, and eternal life.

The LORD, unlike me the wannabe and imager, is neither imposter nor imposer.

There is no credit for and no ‘telling’ of doing part of what The LORD asks; for, if I love Him, I will keep all – ALL – of His commandments.

So, do I go move mountains? Save souls for The LORD? Am I some charismatic Proclaimer of Jesus? Do I have the deal of the century, the secret the unsaved need?

Consider if you will, what has come to me via you and for you to relay.

Last week a group met and discussed the meaning of “lukewarm” in the Bible. We agreed we were lukewarm and several of us illustrated from personal examples. A few even allowed how they must “change”.

Yesterday, I went to an In ‘N Out with family. I was good – I ordered a “protein cheeseburger” instead of the regular – it was wrapped in lettuce instead of those white, carbohydrate buns. But that’s OK… I ordered fries too. But I had water not the soda. Even in the simplest of daily things, evidently my track record is as mixed as …my intentions. I noticed an early teen boy & possibly his Dad [maybe even Grandpa] – the boy first because of his T-shirt. All red with phrases front and back about HATRED. Something like “I love to HATE” and “If I hate I gotta be doing something right”. I… had a feeling… and did nothing. Well, I looked their way a couple more times.

We sat down to the American feast – 3 at a table for 2, as other 4 seaters were taken. Then, the 4 people next to us left, and we scooted over. Guess who sat down next to us. Yep. Well, after a couple more glances, somehow the weather came up and the older man & I exchange scintillating conversation about… the humidity & temperature.

And I actively ignored, avoided… any love whatsoever for either the man, or the boy.

There they sat, 3 feet away; we faced each other. There was blood red HATRED right before our eyes. And I would not summon either my sincere courage… or His Great Commandment to love… to ask if I could ask them a question. A simple question: “why”? Or, “do you mean that”?

Follow…Him. TODAY. Now. For in all things, God is preached. Not by man, but by God our Creator, manifest in all His Creation, so that we are without excuse.

There is nothing in this world that is not an opportunity to follow Him. Be cause Jesus died for us – the only Person EVER “hated without a cause” – without sin, so He could be the Lamb of God, wholly able to sacrifice His Self for all everyone’s sins. His gift? By His breath of life – our soul – into each of us, He brings each of us the freedom of choice, and time. Be cause of His breath, the time of every soul in this world is always opportune… until His time, which the Father has set and alone knows… is at hand.

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