The Hope

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by Buck68™, September 6th, 2013
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“The man from Hope”
Left Hope behind,
So his lying,
Would never rise to the level.

The man who said “give me your Hope”
Took what he asked for when elected.
He took the Hope of all men,
reinventing Himself into Hope.

One man made himself Hopeless.
Another man tries to make all men Hopeless.
Each man succeeds by his own risen awareness;
He is only the same man, as the one in my mirror.

Whatever has my Hope, has my trust.
Especially when I feel whatever changes.
Am I The Correct Keeper by all means necessary,
So whatever of yours I want… is Mine?

Do I Evolve whatever is Mine?
And you have,
My totally sincerest ever,

I am either just being myself,
The Great Satan,
Or LORD God Almighty.
Two of those 3 are evil.

One so loved the world,
That He gave….
So that whosoever…
Shall not perish….

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