The Three Whatever Questions

Posted by Buck68 on September 8th, 2013 filed in Human Nature, Thoughts

by Buck68™, September 8th, 2013
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Who is and is not a mystery, in clear and mysterious ways that seem wrong and conflicted and ignorant and evil to good people only trying to be whatever they want? Who is so mysterious they are a mystery to themselves, at the same time knowing all, all along, and not knowing what they felt, said, or did yesterday …unless they claim heroic credit or something/someone else is to blame?

Who is like the wind, going and being wherever to help, to comfort, to come alongside, whosoever about whatever? Who is so as the wind, he blows however wherever about whatever whenever?

Who gets ‘so emotional’ … He first sends His Son to sacrifice the ultimate for whosoever, before anyone knew anything? Who is so empathetic … he sacrifices your son and not-a-son to whatever he feels at the moment but always keeps the Option not to have said or remember, and never and always Keeps whatever it is…is?

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