A Coward Nibbles on Constitution

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by Buck68™, August 21st, 2012
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Thomas Sowell’s Townhall article, “‘Issues’ or America?”, simply and clearly describes how our current federal government has been operating for the last 3+ years.


But Sowell omits under what conditions such Presidential conduct would make sense. Shall we consider such conditions?

1-Immediate impending catastrophe threatening the survival of America, unless the President takes whatever action necessary. We have heard of such economic catastrophe many times in several forms. But then, as if by magic, some deal happens by experts and we just move on… to the next dire warning of bigger impending immediate catastrophe.

2-Cowards. If we are as our Chief Law Enforcement Officer proclaimed us in early 2009, “a Nation of Cowards”, that means responsibility is scary, so everyday adult decisions are too stressful. A coward needs help in… life. For life. A nation of cowards needs…?

3-“I AM my brother’s Keeper. I AM my sister’s Keeper”. Thus said Barack Obama early in 2012, according to the White House website transcript of his speech to a wildly cheering group of New England college students. It’s just common sense that a coward and a group of cowards, needs a Keeper. And NOBODY has said the President was wrong about this – so everybody knows it’s true!

4-Congress won’t act. AKA The Do-Nothing Congress. A Congress that does nothing when doing nothing costs $4 billions dollars more in national debt interest every DAY, is billions to trillions worse than… nothing.

5-Do before you read, think, consider, or debate. Just operate by getting a 2000+ page law that will take 14 years to finish implementing procedures – without reading it – then…. Well then, whosoever writes, or whosoever tells those writers what to write – can put whatever in it, for ever, however.

Are any of these 5 conditions evident in our Exceptional, light of the world, democratic, America of today?

If so, a Keeper Executing or Acting by isolated harming, exempting, waivering, not-taxing, announcing, granting, blaming, and “being there from Day 1” just Fairly takes care of everything.

Constitution, laws, money, work, values, competition, quality – they are just too stressful and get in the Keeper’s affordable ways.

Let The Keeper take care of whatever. The Keeper gets whatever we need. Who cares where He gets it? If the Keeper needs more He just takes it or makes it. Call that whatever you feel – getting more is so much simpler. It’s only fair that when I am IN, I feel right. What idiot would reject Empathy from your Keeper?

Now some out-of-touch oldster once joked, “if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck… it’s probably a duck.”

But IN Progress and Change, that’s profiling if you do it. Keep it Simple – the Keeper does whatever by all means necessary to care for us cowards and avoid immediate catastrophes.

The Keeper tells me to be IN. I feel whatever he says. All this extremist talk about constitution is just discrimination and such people are evil. I mean, imagine if wackos like the token oreo Thomas Sowell could trick us!

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