AA – Americans Anonymous: Have You Hit Rock Bottom Yet?

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by Buck68™, July 30th, 2011
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A Blamer, a Whiner, a Taker, a Denier, an Ignorer, an Avoider, an Abuser. Each and all have one thing in common – selfishness. Each cannot sustain itself – it is parasitic in nature. It must find a Host to feed on, to get crumbs from, to suck the life out of.

In the ‘free market’, in capitalism, predators feed on the selfish, for they are weaker. Man who cannot see past his own nose or ego… paints his own bullseye on his back. Simply: victimology, produces victims. This is merely the fact-based Science of the process of Natural Selection by the Law of Survival of the Fittest. And EVERYBODY KNOWS we are “A Neigh-Shun of Laws”. Those who don’t ‘believe Science’, target themselves To Be Selected…losers. If you are not ‘the fittest’, then you are not Sustainable. The fittest of Natural Science, selfish people call The Evil Rich… and feed off them in every way possible. The Evil Rich, being Evil …and Rich … are therefore wrong, and winning. To sum up: Bad…wins…. THIS is the Soul Reason YOU MUST BE… SEPARATED.

NOW, once upon a time will tell, evil disease bearing inappropriate people – all white by profiling, and ignoring all others that weren’t – happened upon a location in order to destroy the pristine environment and the natives there first who lived in perfect peace and harmony. Those people are all dead, and so jest like fetal tissue – unable to defend themselves. In other words, they’re just perfect… for smarter people to reinvent them howsoever they interpret, in order to… get justice.

And anyway, despite four score [SCORE!] and 7 years of compromsing and avoiding evil, those dead wrong people decided to fight each other and murder and maim each other by the bushel in the greatest Isolated Harming evah in this location. For which, of course, all the Profiled People remained evil, while all the Emanicpated People remained more oppressed than evah. It’s all there in the Black and White of the Two Sides of The Neverending Story.

So NOW, we have progressed to the Social Justice of Getties Burg. And NOW, we are Vision Diversitied [VD] on jest 1 more Dei of ‘fighting back’ …1 DOA at a time. It’s getting tougher and tougher …to do be doo bee doo. To just be a parasite …and get mine. A curious phrase, no – “get mine“? How does one ‘get’… what one already possesses? Yet, no matter how much you get of what’s already yours, you become a bigger and bigger victim… always needing more Awareness?

Beware… Awareness! Stay SEPARATED! Or else, you may suffer the ultimate fate of the unaware: “coming to your senses”.

Now I don’t drink…but when i do, i drink XX. X1=predator. X2=parasite. Stay thirsty, my fiends. The victims are Legion and targeting themselves with every Appropriate feeling, thought, word, and deed. Blamers, Whiners, Takers, Deniers, Ignorers, Avoiders, Abusers – all are plentiful and never get enough stimulating Diversity. So…so sadly…elites are “obliged” to Subscribe to Sustainability …and minimize your interaction with the environment.

Ba. Baaa. BAAAAA. I’m…so exceptional!

And WIGO in the Capitol but… capital punishment? And just like in Arkansas, they’re ‘taking the death penalty off the table’ for a terrorist who murdered a son of liberty …in a deal to put DOA on YOUR plate…for life.

It is only fitting that Plato’s Apology set a glass ceiling for Western Civilization… so Playdough could Apologize for it while drowning in Scientific excrement.

Yet… in the twinkling of an eye …each soul …can ‘change’.

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