Americans: Are you Rising to the Level of Disability?

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by Buck68™, April 24th, 2012
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There’s doctors and there’s doctors…and here perhaps is a doctor, if we could only hear amidst all that stimulating fright and outrage that constitutes our Village of Progress. Dr. Allen Frances, now professor emeritus in Duke’s Psychology Department, 16 years ago chaired the national expert task force that last updated his profession’s disease definitions in DSM IV. In a larger sense, is his article about autism, or just one of many symptoms of a larger, basic psychological aspect of human nature? Or practically, hath the Expert again dis…covered, what any Mom trying to instill self-discipline in her child, copes with daily?

What do the cultural consequences of evermore ‘services’ for evermore ‘dis’-es [disadvantage, disability….] … ‘dis’?
…earning, achieving
…critical thinking
…problem solving
…sacrificing now for a greater return later
…overcoming adversity

In other words, what experts used to define as “higher order brain functions”?

What does ‘dissing’… favor? The ‘natural man’.  The instinctive animal of stimulus response.

Remember, “fact-based” Science places homo sapiens at the Top of the Evolutionary Order by his “sentience”.   Thus defined as the Animal’s Kingdom’s superior – human by your “awareness” – what does it suggest about you when better smarter people create thousands of government pogroms to “raise awareness”?

In the same way, when smarter better people ‘dis… cover’ countless new things you ‘suffer’ from and ‘can’t’ recognize or overcome yourself, don’t you so need government services to fix… what you can’t recognize… for you?

Have we ‘progressed’ full circle?  Sixty years ago, one cry for social justice was ‘free the mentally ill’ from the oppressive practices of state & private insane asylums. Restore their rights!  Remember the movie, “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”?  Thus ‘freed’ by ‘getting a break’, they became reinvented … victims and oppressed, this time as parts of ‘the homeless’, ‘the uninsured’, progressing to whatever.

Now, after thousands of awareness raisings past that and other terrifying evils, our Final Solution is to put EVERYONE by mandate… ‘in the Village home’ of Obamacare, from tissue to recycling.  So now, what is NOT part of ‘health care’?

Now again cometh the chant, the mantra: ‘the rich’, ‘the insurances companies’, ‘the banks’ are  EVIL.  Just IMAGINE, then, how much more evil it would be if all those evil folks, stole everyone’s money legally [plus over $100 Trillion more] to buy everyone legally by herding us into little dependent groups by race, color, creed, age, sexual orientation, sex, disease, disadvantage… to ‘get’ …’services’ …IF, how, and when, the government ‘grants’ them.  

While being ‘so against’
… profiling.

Somebody has to ‘manage’ all that ‘care’
… for all those ‘so unaware’.  

Government … service…  
raising your awareness to the level of
… autistic
… by empathetically dividing you into
… whatever disability is necessary.

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