Being Presidential in the Super Storm…

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by Buck68™, October 29th, 2012
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and that other is “out of the picture” during the storm.

So uttered a pundit on MNBC’S “Morning Joe” this morning… to the head bobbing and warm noises and leaning forwards of the other pundits.

At that moment, something complex became beyond instinctively simple.

Here, “being Presidential” is sold as something only the President can do… this President, NOW…again between US and… catastrophe. Being… sold as doing. Presidential, sold as whatever he be… seen as… by Seers [pundits, elites, better people, professors, experts], humbly anointing themselves to tell the lesser people EXACTLY what to feel, think, say, do …on every Daily Show in the Organized Community. If there is EXCEPTIONAL… there is also ORDINARY, even UNEXCEPTIONAL.

We [EXCEPTIONAL] must take whatever you [ORDINARY, UNEXCEPTIONAL] value, by all means necessary [but it’s not a tax].

You [ORDINARY, UNEXCEPTIONAL] must KEEP ON keepin’ on INvesting in thousands of government Raising Awareness pogroms be cause YOU… CAN NOT… build it… your self. You can not build your self. You can not do …whatever. Whatever must be done to you.

The Final Solution is you [ORDINARY, UNEXCEPTIONAL] must… do MORE …as the EXCEPTIONAL tell you. Evermore… FORWARD …without end.

The freedom you are already given, by the awareness you are already given, to pursue your life, liberty, and happiness opportunities you are given… MUST BE STOPPED. You…can not do that. You…can not build that. You can not Dream…. You …NEED …The Speech Code … for every breath.

We [the EXCEPTIONAL] must pass a Dream Act for you [the ORDINARY, the UNEXCEPTIONAL] to feel, think, say, do EXACTLY what you are told….

We [the EXCEPTIONAL] must tell you [the ORDINARY, the UNEXCEPTIONAL] what whatever means, what is…is …totally, honestly, actually, really. Continually – by imaging, marketing, messaging. You can not think or feel on your own… you MUST HAVE… my images… or you, as the pundit said on Morning Joe …are “out of the picture”.

YOU are a victim of [whatever and whoever I tell you] so that, most of all, in everything, you are MY victim. BE cause… I care. Trust… ME.

“But but but,” my shriveling of an appendix whines, “…how could “being” whatever… save me or help an ordinary person in any situation? Being is not doing.”

[cue thunder and lightning of The Storm, and then… The BEING VOICE] “IF you are not IN [EXACTLY as you are told]… you are out… in the [latest greatest ever] Super Storm…!” [Whispering the Primal Fear] … all alone with nobody to save you from the evil ones and evils of life.


No… body.

Perhaps… a spirit then? No, there’s all kinds of spiritists and spiritualities and speculations and palmists and entrail readers.

Perhaps then… that single, solitary Spirit? THE ONE YOU MUST NOT MENTION? The One who CANNOT BE THERE… whilst the EXCEPTIONALs are BEING whatever they feel like, and you are BEING …whatever you are told, to be IN?

So…in The SuperStorm, STOP, LOOK, LISTEN! Follow the sounds and pictures of Your Master’s Voice… BEING your Master? Follow that Statue of BEING?

Or follow … the Creator?

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