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by Buck68™, July 29th, 2012
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Just channel-surfed into CNN’s twitter topic, where they marveled at their Twitter Question “Where was God in Aurora” that got 10,000 responses …so quickly.

Amazing…but not surprising.

Why? I didn’t goto the twittering and read any of it.

I just read CNN’s question. Doesn’t it contain all the clues necessary for us questioners?

Where was God in Aurora? Where? If God is omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent; then, He is greater than space and time and change. So, at best, this question depends on God… not being God. So, first ask about the nature of God, before assuming He operates and is known by… our human limitations.

Was? If He is, was, and always will be; then, God is not constrained by time.

God? How do I, the imperfect, understand The Perfect? How do I ‘see’ what I cannot see? How can I understand what human science says is not provable and/or does not exist? How can the creature in creation, understand The Creator? How do I comprehend and choose, much less perfect myself? It looks…rationally… hopeless. As is said of wisdom: wisdom is knowing…you don’t know.

in. Are you IN? Am I IN? Who knows who among us is IN… or out? Can I join up? Make a deal? Be IN when I wanna, and out when I’m too busy? Wait to decide until I ‘have the time’?

Aurora. Some humans named a town in Colorado, Aurora. One tiny planet in God’s creation has the Aurora Borealis. So if I seek a sense of perspective, of proportion …do I start with a place I named or read about be cause of some event that I noticed, or was fed to me as something amidst all the things i must …do what …about?

If I want answers, what must I start with? Should I start with whatever I feel and then get stuff to prove my point? Or, should I ask?

Should I ask whom I trust? Or, rely on somebody who tells me they know or they’re an expert or they are so …popular or likeable?

Since seeing is believing, but appearances can be deceiving… how do i know what is accurate, what is true? The best magician, after all, tricks me right to my face so well i can’t figure out how he does, not what i see or feel he is doing, but his trick that… tricks me.

Who… is faithful? Who… loved me… first? Who can save me? Where do I go to question, to seek, to explore… the why’s and purpose of my and other lives?

A prayer in the Bible is at Mark 9:23-24. “I believe; help my unbelief”.

It convicts me of my human nature, and points to God’s love.

I had explored and digressed and wandered for decades and around the globe. I had found success and failure and much in between and all manner of things turning out far different than how I perceived and changed. I had read the Bible before and talked about many religions and excerpts with many people of differing views. Then one day, while reading Mark 9:23-24 again for my purposes… He revealed a piercing inkling… of His.

His ways are not our ways… says the Lord. So if I the imperfect, want to learn about The Perfect, I’ll have to keep trusting Him and asking Him, and relying on His ways and times to ‘see’ What Is Going On [ WIGO] as He accomplishes what He says.

Using His faith; for my faith is insufficient. My faith [my religion; whatever is ‘mine’], misses His mark, and ends up being burned in my fires of my desires. Who, knowing me in full, would not quickly reject me, much less love ME? WHY?

God is our living, continual, loving, righteous, dynamic, inclusive, eternal Answer… for those that keep seeking Him, His way, come what may. But, just as Christ once told Peter, you did not know Who I AM on your own; the Father gave that to you. So, what I know in part by faith is by His Faith, by His Authority – not any of ‘mine’.

Now I can return to the wisdom of this world, where we ask “Where was God in Aurora” … kinda like we point to all creation as proof there’s no Creator.

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