Competitors Collective Bargain; Servers Serve

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by Buck68™, February 17th 2011
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STOP, LOOK, & LISTEN! LISTEN to all the targeting and blaming going on… as Fairness strikes again! When it’s time to be fair… LOOK for leaders first setting the example. See any? STOP: when it’s time to dump something on someone ELSE’s desk, look at all our leaders… leading. Look at all the demonstrators, demonstrating. Look at all the suers, suing. Look at all the nice people just trying to get along.

STOP, LOOK, LISTEN to the fright and outrage erupting in Wisconsin…

…over the first few little tentative steps toward self-control and fiscal honesty. LISTEN to the animal responses of the Celebrating Diversity of survival of the fittest.
Science tells us animals don’t have a conscience or morals. Neither does our exceptional nation. We SEPARATED from our declared, sole & ultimate justification for independence, Constitution, and individual rights. LYING ‘does not rise to the level’. So, absent honesty, who communicates? We’ve Evolving to do what the animals do – make noises and non-verbals for advantage or cover. STOP, LOOK, & LISTEN – is this not WIGO?

If there were ‘honesty’, THEN a person could look into a dictionary and see definitions for service and employee. As in Civil SERVICE and company EMPLOYEE.

Rationally and by common sense, does a SERVANT collectively bargain with his boss? Does a SERVANT tell his boss what hours he works, how much to raise his pay or benefits, what work he will and will not do? Is the public SERVANT the same as the private EMPLOYEE?

Does the military SERVICE person negotiate for his pay …her benefits? Does the military SERVICE person tell the general where she serves? Does the military SERVICE person tell the commander what’s appropriate about their sex life?

Note for Wisconsin teachers and State Senators. In 1986 President Reagan cut military career retirement by 30%. THIRTY percent. Did you hear any military service members … demonstrating? Outraging? Calling for fairness? Some left the service, some stayed in. Meanwhile, your government handed out hundreds of millions in cash to people forced to separate from service who had not qualified for retirement under the existing system. Your government treated these people ‘special’. But those people who stayed, and the people forced to leave before… got ZERO. But…servants have seen this kind of FAIR, EXCEPTIONAL treatment before from those who consider themselves better.

So, from the servants who serve at risk to life, going where they’re told, when they’re told, how they’re told – to the EXCEPTIONAL PUBLIC EMPLOYEES: become the Civil SERVICE once again.

Choose to SERVE. SERVING is NOT a BARGAIN. SERVING is not where you ORGANIZE to get leverage to get as much as you can. There is no competition in government. Government Service is not a job corps or a job incubator. Government is all alone in its own house. All alone with other people’s money and its own printing press and its own accounting. All alone with its feelings about fairness, like empathy and social justice and all kinds of ‘interpretations’ of law. And to make endless, conflicting policies. All alone to grow, and grow, and write and memo and oversight itself and ‘have’ ethics and sincerity. And so it has…naturally.

Now is the Private Sector different? No – human nature prevails there also. So what’s the diff? The private sector employee is ultimately protected not by his company or those who say they organize to help him. The private sector employee is protected by exercising his own freedoms to choose jobs, network, develop herself, and keep competing for a better job. COMPETITION – the economic survival of the fittest – imperfectly causes re-forms and changes choices and behaviors and products or services. GOVERNMENT, which has no competitor, is the fox in the henhouse of individual freedom. GOVERNMENT neither protects the individual nor controls the excesses of private or public elites. Rather, government re-forms … its previous perversions and failures, and sells its power to ‘be on your side’ while elites compete for power inside.

So. Don’t put EMPLOYEES in government. Don’t put UNIONS in government. Don’t put people or groups who feel or get declared SPECIAL… in government. Only qualify SERVANTS for government SERVICE. And get CIVIL Service OUT OF Military Services.

Since in Celebrating Diversity, lying doesn’t rise to the level and words mean whatever … we cannot SERVE in government because there are NO SERVANTS in Celebrating Diversity. LISTEN to Celebrating Diversity! The more you do wrong or feel bad, the more you get to TAKE more from others, while always feeling taxpayers need to be more fair. THIS … is NOT …serving. This…is taking. There should be no TAKERS in government, or they will do what TAKERS do: TAKE…more. Taking and lying…go hand in hand in all glove sizes.

PROPOSAL: LOOK to our military SERVANTS for our American example! Cut Civil Service retirement by 30% TODAY. Freeze all Civil Service hiring TODAY. Complete a 5% Reduction in Force [RIF] in the Federal Civil Service by 30 Sep 2011. The servants in Government Service will remain. The bargainers and takers… will illustrate for you all the feelings and reasons why organizers and bargainers and takers, DO NOT SERVE. Rather, they are enablers of sloth, waste, fraud, and abuse; NOTHING WRONG, just the natural, usual ways of ‘getting more’.

Is this hateful and meanspirited and hurting? Of COURSE IT IS… to every single taker who sincerely feels right in his own mind. It simply means no TAKER will cut HIS fair share… only YOURS.

If the above doesn’t add up for you – you have addication. A simple Addication Test: how much does it take to CUT our NATIONAL DEBT? Any leader? Silence of the Lambs. I made up the word ADDICATION to describe a person so addicted to Celebrating Diversity he can’t add. If our 2011 budget deficit is 1.5 TRILLION, how much does it take to CUT our Federal Deficit? Yep: $1.5T + $1 dollar. STOP ADDICATING! The debt grows by 3.4 BILLION PER DAY. And some say the 2011 budget deficit ADDITION is up to 1.65T. Does this make it too hard? You have…addication. The collective bargain of addication, is slavery of by and for government.

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