Day 1 of Your Affordable Argument before The Supreme Court…

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by Buck68™, March 26th, 2012
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Day One of the Arguments before the Supreme Court of the United States [SCOTUS] regarding the Affordable Health Care Act of 2010, are on the issue of whether the individual insurance mandate provisions are a “tax”. I’m… ‘so excited’.

Pete Williams of MSNBC just reported this morning that, based on his research, “not a single Judge seems to think this is a tax”. Additionally, an 1867 federal law prohibits litigation of a tax before it is imposed [the insurance mandate provisions do not take effect until 2014].

Apparently, neither adversary is arguing the constitutional principle of enumerated powers, or the Tenth Amendment.

Apparently, participants in this legalistic adversarial charade are “seeming to think” …another way of saying “interpret whatever, however i feel”.

And who are these interpreters? Far beyond today’s media interpreters – there are nameless authors. Yes, this “Affordable” 2000+ page law Congress passed in 2010 … is in full effect despite the fact that its many MORE thousands of details and hundreds of mechanisms ARE NOT YET WRITTEN, and won’t be ‘finished’ until 12 years from now in the year 2024.

Now if a present Congress, can obligate 14 future Congresses to a bureaucratic multitude of regulations and bureaus NOT YET WRITTEN …

…what is a little “taxation without representation”? Could it be a little like the “solvent until 2034 Social Security Trust Fund” …that President Obama warned could NOT pay $30 billion in benefits in August 2011 UNLESS Congress IMMEDIATELY raised the Debt Ceiling?

So… Be Solvent! Raise Your Debt Ceiling and FEEL THE LUV Rising to the Level! If I AM Somebody ‘feels’ a tax is a tax… simply call it … something else …and Just Move On.

Thus, the Constitutional principle of Enumerated Powers, reinforced in the 10th Amendment … evaporates into the Elite Commerce of “whatever is necessary and proper.”

See…it’s right there in Article I, Section 8! Now go take a constitutional and feel/say/think do …EXACTLY as you’re told.

Health Care… is “Here, There, and Everywhere”.

And you, are on the Cowardly Ship & Crew… a bone to be chewed, when the Scales of November come early.

Epilogue: SEPARATED from Who is Necessary … doing whatever to whomever is … Proper.

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