Diane Ravitch & CNN Make Compelling Case for Federal & State Education

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by Buck68™, February 21st 2011
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This article is so popular! You must be totally stimulated NOW! Do not STOP, LOOK, or LISTEN. Fight Back for fair, level playing field, educational RAGE! Take to the streets to Egypt for Democracy!


You Totally, Honestly, Actually, Really [ THAR ] need to reed Diane Ravitch’s article – every, single, word. The only thing you need to ignore is CNN’s CYA italics at the end that this is only Diane Ravitch’s opinion. Why? Because if it is, then everything in Diane’s article is inaccurate, and CNN is spreading enough dung to instantly fertilize the planet.
Just a Few Exciting Ravitches:

1-Diane say “thousands” of teachers have left their classrooms to protest. Diane is FAIR. If you leave your job during work hours, what happens to you? If you willfully, repeatedly violate your contract terms, what happens to you? If you get a Doctor to write that you are ‘sick’ when you are not, you commit fraud [and so does the Doctor]. If Health Care Providers write multiple fraudulent sick excuses, that is conspiracy to commit fraud. If a political organization aids a fraudulent conspiracy where federal funds are involved…. Diane is FAIR. CNN is FAIR.

2-There is an “uprising” in Madison from “simmering rage” from “teachers” “across the nation”. Can you do your job, or supervise your child, when you are in a “simmering rage”? Diane say teachers’ rage comes from “singling out”, “demonizing”, and “specious claims” from entertainment. When someone calls you a name, says a bad thing about you… should you go into a RAGE? Wouldn’t that be… outrageous? But Diane & CNN say teachers have been in RAGE since… [see sourced articles]. Can a person in RAGE… simmering over many months … “teach”? Which people in RAGE over months have been… put into “health care”? Given Anger Management Classes? Given a psychiatric eval? Given a sabbatical? Fired? Google…and find out. Ask YOUR School District Superintendent.

3-Diane say LA Times say teachers in “despair”. If YOU get ‘depressed’ … what happens to you?

4-Diane say teachers say they are “unfairly blamed” for low student test scores. Diane no say what is “FAIR Blame”, so you can’t blame anyone for anything until… Diane say. Look at all the Blamers blaming that Diane is telling all FAIRLY about. Make Diane the Czar of FAIR Blaming to solve this problem NOW.

5-Diane say “conservative” want to “abolish due process” and “union rights”. Diane is FAIR, Diane knows Level Playing Field Teachers. So, make Diane Czar of Due Process and Rights, replacing… all lawyers and courts and constitutional laws.

6-Diane say “Unions actively lobby to increase education funding and reduce class size.” Diane speaks truth. So…45 years of increasing education funding has produced less and less student performance, even counting multiple dumming down of tests…in every class size.

7-Diane say “there has been a national furor about education reform”. Diane show that “furor” does not produce ‘education’ … just more furor.

8-Diane say [who?] “must wonder” about school reform. Do you ‘wonder’ while in a rage? Diane say “how it is possible to talk of improving schools while cutting funding, demoralizing teachers, cutting scholarships to college, and increasing class sizes?” Diane not know we be Celebrating Diversity? Diane not know that RAGE and feeling right in my own mind… replaced “morals”? No morals, of course, either ‘demoralizes’, or doesn’t matter.

9-Diane say “teachers are fed up with”. Do you get yours [whatever you feel you need] when YOU are fed up?

10-Diane say teachers have “immobilized the Wisconsin Legislature”. Where is that in the teacher’s job description? Where is that in the Legislature’s or Legislator’s job description? Do you get whatever you want by… ‘immobilizing’ a store, a class, your workplace?

Has not Diane Ravitched a compelling case for the FAIR, Level Playing Field of Education by immoblizing anyone and anything that doesn’t gimme whatever I want that I feel is ‘my rights’ so we can keep Moving Forward with dummer and dumber education until Everyone [except Me] is “Leveled” to the Level?

Once upon a time an Expert Ruler addressed an uncredentialed, untitled iternant as “Good Teacher”. This person interrupted, for the only recorded time, with a question, “why do you call Me good? Only God is good.”

Thank our Exceptional Lucky Charms WE THE PEOPLE are SEPARATED from the Creator, but have all the muliticultural religions and feelings we are TOLD. And all the Dianes and Czars to TELL us EXACTLY how to feel, say, think, and do so WE THE PEOPLE can be FAIRed to the LEVEL PLAYING FIELD…by Teachers.

Or… end decades of Rights ‘n Rage ‘n More Funding and More Special Programs that, regardless of good intentions…have DESTROYED ‘education’ in thought, word, and deed. Diversity…destroys University. FIRE Federal and State government “education”: cut to zero all funding, programs, and government employee education positions. Get YOUR “rights” and “due process” BACK! Get into your local school district and local government to discover what “education” is…is; and, what qualifies a person as a ‘teacher’. That way, if you like RAGE, you can fight for RAGE in your community. And if you consider ‘education’ important, you have the opportunity to directly influence it.

American citizens of any kind: Be Simple & Practical.
1-put the educational opportunities for your children in your community
2-put your resources in your control so you can keep deciding what is, and is not… ‘affordable’.
3-you decide whether you want czars, special interests, unions, businesses, or experts TELL and DICTATE to you the content of ‘education’ and the character of ‘teachers’ for YOUR children.

In this simple and practical way, the citizen regains unalienable rights… and the responsibilities that come with them. This way, whenever & however we fall short of our responsibility to educate our children… an entire state or the whole country doesn’t fail all at once. And, the educational qualities of any community, attract…on the merits and by mutual choices … teachers.

Stop the RAGE race for the bottom. Restore “The Race for the Top”. Dump education… on YOUR desk!

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