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by Buck68™, September 24th, 2012
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I start out… and hope this ends with… 2 simple responses I already wrote on Google+ thanks to a few very important articles and comments provided by others.

First, I heartily commend this short interview for your consideration:

Video Published on Sep 22, 2012 by monstersnatch. Neil deGrasse Tyson interviewed by Soledad O’Brien on CNN: examining the obvious failures in US professional education system.

the interview reminded me of these proportions, which I managed to write down and then… unnaturally… shut up.

University : Diversity ~ Education : Indoctrination
How to think : learn ~ what to think : dictate
education : innovation, creativity ~ indoctrination : dependency

Indoctrination Picture:

How can the same “educational system” that produces countless American Sandra Flukes … ALSO produce tens of thousands of foreign students with useful degrees in science, technology?

[added] This reminds me of an old ‘good football coach’ definition: a coach that can beat your players with his players, or his players with your players.

Then, second, Phil Rounds commented on the youtube interview. Thanks to his comments, I responded by quoting what I suspect are human natural fundamentals in the content of Phil’s response:

Phil Rounds5:15 AM+3 wrote:
QUOTE: I’m occasionally disappointed with Bill Maher’s point of view on some topics (Vaccination, Ron Paul), and he did it again here. UNQUOTE

Phil, I suggest you have nailed a fundamental American issue here. We’re far more interested in our selves – our feelings – than the content of a topic.

QUOTE His lack of understanding of what the space program has given us over the years and the idea that we should “wait until we’re ready” to go into space highlight his poor understanding of science and history. UNQUOTE

Not HIS, Phil… OURS. Not poor understanding, Phil; UNWILLINGNESS to learn and understand. Learning gets in the way of ME and MY FEELINGS. Addiction to ME and My Whatever reminds of the old lawyer joke retort: whoever is his own lawyer has a fool for a client.

History, Phil? The current slogan of the popular Party is NEVER go back; and, FORWARD! This is progress from Reinventing History… to no need for history at all.

Wait until we’re ready? This little innocent phrase displays a very astute understanding of …human nature. It means YOU wait… until I AM ready… to tell you EXACTLY what to feel, think, say, do…. ;-{)}

QUOTE Sorry, Bill [Maher], ya let me down. UNQUOTE

Another Nail in our human nature… and yes, Phil, it is The Closer! It’s called – BLAME. Consider it this way: how can the LESSER, let the GREATER, down? Thus, blame is the coward’s accepting responsibility. And we… according to our DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE Chief Law Enforcement Officer… are a “Nation of Cowards”.

====[here’s where I just can’t… uh… WON’T …shut up]

How do we know we Americans are cowards? If you follow One Leader, you know because you gave – not sold, GAVE – him your birthright of hope …and you were TOLD SO. If you follow the Wannabe Leader, you know be cause He is saying the same whatever words as [AKA following] the Dear Leader, who is whatevering by all means necessary.

Again, thanks to all… for this quick and penetrating look into OUR …mirror.

So what do We The People ‘have’ here? WIGO? We have…

the latest Enabler
[he’s so distracted, but is The One to Get US going again],
the latest Greatest First Ever [Totally 100%, Really 50%]…
clinging to the Endorsement & Ads of the First Ever Black Most Brilliant and Popular Rising to the Level Predator Ever …in the best ever…
Pivoting Narrative Push Back Show,
played with your lives and your fortunes…
and those of all the Kids the adults in America leave behinder every, single, day.

Can this Happening Musical Chairs Cowardice Charade ever …happen … again?

Well, when “self-evident truths” are transparently gone and supplanted by separation under the Latest Greatest Ever… what is “educationally obvious”, Mr Tyson?

No wonder the Crying Need for Keepers to keep on INvesting YOU… IN Education.

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