FAIR thee well my fairy fay?

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by Buck68™, February 22nd, 2012
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Before onto the topic…

After reading Thomas Sowell’s article [below], some how this refrain happened to me whilst intelligently designing my so creative title. Fairly I googled to vision who was to blame for such an offensive ditty to Diversity. Fortunately, Wikipedia is so fair… and fairly reported “ ‘Polly Wolly Doodle’ is a song first published in a Harvard student songbook in 1880“. Ergo…how could i be fair and educated and professorially appropriate…and NOT use it? Unless and until… Progress is regressed to reinvent whatever… happened. Honestly…no… FAIRly.


Just moving on to the topic of Thomas Sowell’s article on “Fairness”…


I’ve read Thomas Sowell for a while. He’s a mild sort of writer with a conversational style, and takes a while to describe the obvious that’s been going on for… ages.

Here’s one ‘worth’ the wait? ;-{)}

And speaking of “fraud”, isn’t appropriating a nice sounding fair word like “choice”, to hide a mean-spirited anti-female word like “abortion”… fraud? Or “conservative”, to hide “monopoly”?

Or “progress” …to hide “entropy”?

And the most fairest one ever: “random determinism” to deny… Intelligent Design? Gee whiz! Humbly… how can i deny …my own intelligence? ;-{)} Let ME count the ways? Boy would THAT …be …unFAIR! Totally, Honestly, Actually, Really [THAR]. LOL.

Speaking of THAR and a whole host of whatever words that mean whatever the utterer feels at his moment of excited utterance… Questions for the Fair:

If there is Fair … is not there ‘unfair’?
If there is unfair … is not unfair… ‘wrong’?
If there is wrong … is not there ‘right’?
If there is right and wrong, are not there ‘universal morals’?
If there are universal morals … is not there the Ultimate Authority for those exact morals?

Are not these things necessary for … Fairness … ‘to be’?

Has not The Great Society created thousands of Federal pogroms over the last 45 years since 1967 to… “raise awareness” … that “self-awareness” that Science Says is an essential element of defining ‘homo sapiens‘?

If there is no “awareness”, there is no “to be”. What a horrifying offense to ‘whatever’ if we could not “be ourselves” cuz there’s no “to be” to be…gin with.

If we be…gan with to be, did “awareness” …happen by Random Determinism in Entropy? Now…stuff happens, things happen… how does ‘to be’ …happen? Feel FAIRLY… care… fully: if you are not ‘to be’ … mayhaps it would be a tad hard to ‘raise your awareness’?

This is so simple… it is getting FAIRly complicated.

This is why YOU… must vote for ME … to Free Speech you … so you feel, say, think, and do… EXACTLY right. Then, the Playing Field will be Level… for you …to be …all i tell you to be. Verily, it is I, Who shall charismatically Raise Your Awareness. Just give Me your hope and change.

Trust Me… I care:
I be… so very Fair.
I announce… you get
I’m the Fairest… you ever met.

Mirror mirror, on your wall
tell it I’m the Fairest, of them all.
I am He, so you can ‘to be’
You were blind until Social Justice, be Me.

So to “FAIR thee well
… my fairy fay”,
Heed My every Word,
thoughout My Dei.

Cuz My Fairness is
so totally fair
whenever I AM
Prince of the Air.

For I AM
that I AM
so you are
whatever I feel.

One’s a Fraud
the Other so Fair
to be my self
i claim He’s not there.

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  1. Ferne Waldie Says:

    I visited a lot of website but I conceive this one contains something special in it. “Hindsight is always twenty-twenty.” by Billy Wilder.

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