Fedifornication. “This is not a solution that will be solved….”

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by Buck68™, February 4th 2011
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I watched Obama Admin Executive Spokesman Gibbs utter this intrinsically chaotic phrase while commenting from the White House podium on Jan 29th on the “Mubarak Situation”. Isn’t our capacity to keep slippery sloping to an exponentially deeper level of Diversity in describing What Is Going On [ WIGO ] … amazing? Has our government at last risen to the level of Fedifornication by charismatically autothrashing addication?

Let’s …feel our way on this… ever so appropriately.

Fedifornication [definition]. When addication rises to the level of Diversity such that solutions will not be solved.

Addication [defined in Grain of Salt article, 2/2/11].

1- Are We Totally Charismatic-ed? Every speech is great. Every promise, announcement, memo, or not mentioning – rises to the level of transparent whatever. We are addicted to charisma to be excited to be here 24/7/365 in the totally stimulating neverending battle for… fairness… of fair share … against …them.

2-Government is totally transparent only 12 years after lying under oath offically did not rise to the level.

Don’t these gibb…ering solutions totally, honestly, actually, really [ THAR ] prove it?

Debt Reduction by Addication. Say ‘cut’. Say a number of your choice. Say ‘debt reduction’. And it is…is. Keep adding more deficit spending [1.5T/365= 4.1 Billion Per day]. Keep getting really serious about beginning to talk about cutting next month. All elites – put forth any solution over 1 Trillion less than the MINIMUM that addition shows would ‘reduce the National Deficit’. [Not the total National Debts of 135T +… just the budget deficit of 14.1T growing at 3.4 B/day …not counting NEW deficits addicating daily.

Have Affordable Universal Health Care by Addication. First, keep not knowing what it is … is while creating tens of thousands of Government Service [avg 100K/yr + special benefits] jobs to write more…organizings for more… ‘service‘. Second, don’t forget to say it saves money. Like, say ‘they are hurting old folks’ while cutting 500B from Medicare to say adding 33 million to Health Care won’t cost more…will cost less and save money. Third, getcher DHHS exemptions / waivers to Affordable Universal Health Care if you’re … ‘special‘. Passing 733 exemptions [est 40% of all union members, who are est 7% of the total workforce] as of 2/2/11. Fourth, find empathetic wise judges who feel passionately to say… and Friends of the Court to help them.

Have Unemployment Drop by Addication. Unemployment just dropped nearly 10% from 9.8 to 9.0 in January. 2010 job creation just revised downward 250K from 1.1M. Latest weekly job creation was 36,000, remaining tens of thousands per week less than necessary to reduce unemployment. Whether you are whatever… the cold weather is doing it. Government jobs count, discouraged unemployed do not count, temp jobs count, people not on unemployment compensation don’t count. Illegals working count or don’t count depending on which state the Justice Department sues. Addication.

Promise no Federally Funded abortion and sign a paper to prove it. Addication by ending 40 years of CDC’s Abortion Surveillance Report by just not having it. Like a budget – just don’t have one.

The wacko Glenn Beck on his Feb 3rd show mentioned this avant garde cool French manifesto, The Coming Insurrection, a free internet download. I read it. It really addicates clearly and simply compared to our Fedifornication of czars, memos, money printing, and telling that dicatator Mubarak he must resign today because America needs to be seen with the proper image by walking a tightrope. We will ‘seriously review’ that 1.5 Billion per YEAR we so generously give Egypt to buy our guns to ‘be our stable ally and promote Middle East peace’. Yep… 1.5B per year Aid… is about …10 hours worth of what grows DAILY to just 1 of our many debts. Addication! We’ll show that two-bit dictator! We’ll be seen as the nice promoter of fairness and Shareedom ! Have one of our 27 czars memo Mubarak all about how Democracy is what all freedom-loving protestors want whenever they Twitter to ‘get out the vote’. Mubarak needs to resign so Egypt can have more czars like US until Egypt is organized. Addication.

* Sharredom. Definition: social justice by empathy by wise Muslims by Sharia Law according to peaceful religious Muslim Mullahs and Organizations by fatwah and rulings and honor and isolated harmings. Totally legal and fair by Apology, charisma, appropriate czar memos, It Takes a Village, and fair court decisions respecting and protecting. The addication of SEPARATION!

But it all ends here for today because I haven’t got the time and am too busy keeping up with the transparent czars’ memos all about what I can’t eat and drink because all along it’s been so unhealthy. The fairness, the transparency, the honesty – never ends….

Addication. Fedifornication. Shareedom.

It’s Always Here For You In Your Life to Have a Relationship. Just imagine how awful it was in the outdated old days when you were exploited by evil ones. Today, thanks to Addication, there’s absolutely no Inflation … no doubt, no question!

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