FIRST: Take Little Johnnie’s Powers Away… TODAY!

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by Buck68™, July 29th, 2011
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Wail… the latest poles say The American People “just want it solved”. Waah. Waaaaaah. Ba…baa…baaaaah! I feel bad, I am so sad… I need… I NEEEEEDD! I AM…a catastrophe! LOL.

So…exceptional. Mean…while, what did the nice Mommy finally do when Little Johnnie the home grown terrorist… finally …went …1 step too far? Why Mommy…’changed’ …in the twinkling of an eye … from appeasing pushover in denial… to ???

Well, we’re about 135 TRILLION steps ‘too far’… but we can still ‘change’.


1-Take Congress’ power to steal and lie away from Day One each year. REPEAL FEDERAL INCOME TAX WITHHOLDING.

2- If you are an employee, you get paid AFTER your work period. Pay Congress AFTER too – the EXACT OPPOSITE of what Congress steals for themselves, FIRST. This means NO [zero] pay or benefits of any kind until each Congress Passes its own BALANCED BUDGET APPROPRIATIONS for the current FY AND the President signs it. Draw a PRIVATE SECTOR accounting firm by LOT each year to SCORE this Budget…because Congressional LYING rises so far above the level it’s higher than the $135T Congress has sucked from Taxpayers. Score by scoring by math; not that obnxious in-your-face ‘score’ of ‘tolerant’ people against competition.

3- Raise Government Awareness Pogrom. By the FIRST DAY of each FY, for 5 consecutive years… EVERY federal office shall complete 10% reducing by: their personnel positions, budget, and written directives of all kinds. Until the reductions are COMPLETE… zero pay & benefits for ALL personnel in that office. No service, no pay.

4-Any money and benefits not earned on time, within budget… are LOST. [option: write an IOU due… Someday, to Somebody Special, from the Fair Share from Evil Rich Fund…and be sure to say ‘it’s my #1 priority’]. ALL that money lost, SHALL BE accounted for online and within 90 days used to replace FEDERAL IOU’s in the SSTF.

5-Repeal Federal Revenue Sharing [est 1973]. This Nixonian Orwellian shell game enables the Federal Government to first steal revenue from states, ‘redistribute’ it, and then use it to control [mandate] State programs and spending. How? By threatening or withholding the states’ money taken, and federal ‘matching funds’. Even unto mandating state regulations, compliance, and standards …and withholding Federal money anyway. Like other Federal laws intended to further civil rights, it has become a basic means for elites to ‘interpret’ whatever laws as they please, i.e. constitutionally unconstitutionally abuse power that they humbly, legally…grant to themselves.

These five suggestions address five little accounting gimmicks… that produce freedom debts no person can count. Far more deadly, they naturally stimulate an old old Diversity game called ‘getting even’… thus reducing the sum POTENTIAL total of our American Experiment… to ZERO.

So… R U seeking Alpha? Adding will help; addication will produce Omega – just watch.

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