Happy Dependence Daze

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by Buck68™, July 3rd, 2013
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Are you IN-dependent? Or are you independent? Here izz your IN-Dependent Quiz… For Your Safety:

1-Do you feel-think-say-do [FTSD] what you are told by Superior People? Or do you …think and behave on the merits and process of your chosen values and reason?

2-Are you a disadvantaged, oppressed, envious, troubled, gimme respect, gimme more rights and benefits and access …adult? Or are you an… adult, responsible and accountable for your values and behavior?

3-Who is your god [or, if you prefer – ‘who comes first’]? You? A charismatic you follow? Those who give you stuff? Those who tell you to feel sad, bad, and mad at those ‘to blame’? A group you belong to?

4-Who is your family? A group saying ‘we are like family’? Whosoever feels like family? People who agree with you? Whosoever you profile as family? What’s “Like a Family” when a family is whatever anyone likes?

5-Who is your teacher? What is a teacher? What ought your teacher to ‘teach’ IF your teacher is to “educate”? How?

6-I am not trustworthy; but, for this question only, really feel you trust me. Question: if I tell you all of what is right to feel-think-say-do [FTSD] …what is missing from whatever I tell you?

Once, in the Dark Ages of Before, you were a soul, a living being at conception. NOW you are devolved IN-to tissue… until your carrier ‘chooses’ whether or not to ‘have choice’ about your existence. Your carrier…can change choice whenever, however…until you… escape. But during this interesting initial period that science defines and describes where you are In and NOT IN, you have no control over or ability to escape on your own.

Once escaped IN-to the world, you were on your own except for how your bigger one[s] chose to treat you. Many children were abandoned, sent away, put to work, used by stronger humans. One at a time, many a child left to make their own way – only to find much in this world like what they had just risked all to leave. They quickly adapted, became self-reliant… or put in some pecking order and used naturally howsoever the Fittest saw fit.

But NOW, oh, the caring and sharing! The so Exceptional! The Hope of the World… [Apologies to the World]! Thanks to Progress, Lean FORWARD, fright and outrage, acting up, empathy, government of by and for Special People, being IN, and doing whatever I feel by all means necessary… we are FREE AT LAST!

WE have …Free-dumb. More Free-dumb by more Un-Awareness by each of the thousands of Raising Awareness pogroms. Free-dumb from ed-joo-kay-shun be me dropout or PhD – be me 1/32nd or a whole half to be Affirmative… or whatever “that’s just how we talk around here”. Holder of so many specials rites and exemptions and waivers and profiles to be all I can be and being who I am…without ever being… more than oppressed or denied access to… whatever.

What was credible, is NOW incredible.

What was believable, is NOW unbelievable.

What was your word of meaning, is NOW totally, honestly, actually, really… whatever.

You are IN-dependent. You are the Evolved Farkle Family of Saturday Nite Live past. You go IN-to the Night ALONE. It’s all about YOU – grabbing at, whining about, and fighting back for all the feelings and stuff you cannot take with you… that the Other you Trusted promised you… sorta. You.. are had by all means necessary… while ‘they’ ‘are to blame’. Honest.

Yep… one vague “announcement” from one Department [Treasury] about another Department’s title [Health & Human Services] … and all you are “DELAYED” …to give “more time”. More time for the evil ones who must pay… to be…who they are?! You are given the ‘more time’ of another year of not-a-taxes and no health care. You are paying for more ‘education’ and ‘advertising’ to buy what you were promised that you can’t be denied. IF you were IN one of the over 1,500 IN waivers to The IN Promise …do you have your own health care contract already? Or has your insurance company cancelled all its coverage in your state as of December 31st 2013?

An old evil rich oppressor white man once said, “justice delayed is justice denied”. NOW we no that is wrong, justice is wrong… fighting back for Our Justice is IN by all means necessary. OUR JUSTICE – SOCIAL JUSTICE …must always be promised, always be fright and outrage… always be… DELAYED. The millions of honest hard working faithful public servants …and the evil ones who must pay… need “more time”.

Why the DELAY? The People [not YOU – individuals are ‘to blame’] must bee cared for! Cutting 1% IN government will cause catastrophe… delaying all YOUR health care for a year is only necessary with no impact. No impact on The People. What about You, you wail? What about your ‘cry for help’?

You? LOL. You are SEPARATED. You are Isolated. YOU, have Free-dumb. IF you are OUT, well, you are already on your own. IF you are IN… well, trust the Charismatic, nothing will “Happen” to your health for a year. And if something ‘happens’… truly… it could make breaking gnus for the isolated sadness, the flowers and candles at the place, the media ‘how do you feel’ extravaganza, the presser, the …just moving on to Closure… and… the oh so amazing transparent progress of so it never happens again.

But you’ll be free at last. Oops, that’s just inappropriate! Your carbon footprint will be reduced for sustainability. You’ll be… recycled. But, who among us who has free-dumb, would be aware of that? Just Move On!

There’s no room at the IN, unless you sell your soul first. First sell your soul to whatever you feel or you are told, then…. Not-a-Hope by Social Justice that there are no “delays” or whatever by any means.

Happy Sparkle Farkle Dei!

Epilogue and Prologue
I used to write similar words about similar things IN… in my frustration and anger and arrogance. These days, I write them more in sadness while striving to follow The Hope. Not my, not your, not our, not their, but THEE Hope that has already accomplished and in this His Age of Grace, pours out His love and His gifts beyond measure, to whosoever will call on His Name, IN HIS NAME.

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