Having A Relationship [Definitions, Part I]

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by Buck68™, July 14th, 2011
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I must admit I jest can’t keep up when words mean whatever anyone who is Somebody, ‘communicates’ in words that mean whatever he feels. But it does make sense that I’m officially a Coward. Before I caved again today, I tried to list some Totally, Honestly, Actually Really [THAR] appropriate definitions. Why? Cuz a Coward has to pay immediate attention to Elites in order to feel think say and do EXACTLY what he’s told or heebee a catastrophe! So, here’s a cowardly stab at today’s List of Wordy Sensitivities….

ADD. Appropriate Debt Deficit. An incurable disease required for Natural Elite Leadership, in order to Feel The Pain to imp-pathetically increase it by Raising Awareness by every means, while taking from earners by any means necessary.

ADHD. Addication Disease Hell [to pay] Dei. An ADD Leader who gyrates between Being There From Day 1 to No-Budgeting 16 #1 Priorities be cause Evil Ones Did It. [nb. Been there since Day 1 means an Omnipresent Dei.]

Coward. What you are…are, and need to be, by Empathy and Social Justice.

Deficit Reduction. Lying by every means not to the level. Syn: addication, future cuts, can kicking, Coward kicking, accounting, budgeting, creating/reinventing cuts for others, just sayin’ cut or whatever feels like it, increases for the Evil and Cowards in another form

[1] Indoctrination by reinvention of words for my rules by Empathy. Syn: sibling rivalry game for kids 8-12 that naturally works best with any two or moresome of awareless truly needy victim ‘adults’ Taking A Village.
[2] Education [for Educators]. Reinventing Words and Empathizing Emotion into a Sustainable Cretan Maze while keeping Hope out of the Diversity Awarenesses in Pandora’s Box.
[3] Education [for Organizers]. Taking Cowards’ Hope and reinventing it into the Die-Versity of Needs.

Elite. Better than you. Syn: me by any word or means. I AM ‘at the level’ by never rising to the level.

Empathy [for Elites]. When you treat people based on whatever you feel about them. Syn: favoritism, imp-pathy.
Empathy [for you]. When you are treated however Elites feel.

Ethics. Showing how my lying doesn’t rise to the level in any lifestyle or culture. Syn: Fair, Balanced, The Other Side [you].
Ethics [for Elites]. Keyword for imp-pathetic SEPARATION for any body Who Is Somebody, to ‘have the cred’ to teach Ethics by Appropriate Sustainable Improvised Chaos [EBASIC: it’s a pogrom for pogrammers]

Fact-Based Science. A whole science of lists of appropriate logical fallacies omitted and/or distorted by the rigor of rigorous peer-seer re-view.

Getting Justice. When Elites get whatever is appropriate for you. Example: Ordering 1 terrorist killed in his bed, and another terrorist shooting at you on the battlefield to be read and given his civil rights, et cetera reducio ad absurdum. Means To Get Test: I’m so exhausted and confused! I need more Awareness and Stimulation! I need a friend. I need. I NEEEEEED!

Imp-pathy, Imp-pathetic. Korrect KwanzaSperanto Multicultural Spell-ing for Empathy, Empathetic. Like Universal Health Care… Having a Relationship relates to Everything and Everything is what Government needs to save the planet for Sustainability and make you, the ‘truly needy’, ‘truly free at last’…in DreamScape.

Marriage. Whatever sexes just getting whatever benefits by legally imposing their appropriate values on everyone with inappropriate values.

McCarthyism. Rank amateur sensitivity with way too little Empathy for a Great Society.

My God. That God that is not there, be cause I say He’s not and you can’t prove it. But being First is a dirty job and Somebody [I AM… Somebody] has to do it. So…I AM…He.

My Number 1 Priority. Whatever I need. My Social Justice of your Fundamental Redistribution.

Racism. Expert Eyewitness Proving his prejudices by accusing someone or something else of ‘being a racist’.

Raising Awareness. Unlearning to become ONLY human. Syn: [having evermore feedings of] education, rehab, tolerance, reinventions, ethical, appropriate, etc]

Reform [gov’t]. Creating jobs by adding more super job Civil Servants [CS] to train and fix all the last iteration of CS addications to Raise Awareness. Syn. [Evil capitalist jargon] – adding debt, globally warming the climate and culture of fraud and failure …to prove again that ‘rising to the level’ that doesn’t work should always be increased for more F’nF [Fairness in Freedom]

Reform. [lit.] RE-Forming. Shuffling what’s already there and re-naming it. Since every Reformation by imperfect beings by imperfect processes mathematically produces ‘less’, Elites ‘re-form’ to get you less…and them more.

Religion. The opiate of people defining God by Empathy. Syn: politics, Natural Selection, science, your faith.

Science. The modern gods replacing the religious gods with the same gods by nice Natural, Sustainable names.

Sensitivity. Frightened and Outraged when Imp-pathetically stimulated. Or [see Tolerance].

Social Justice. Seeing by feeling.

Sustainability. When you get universal affordable by minimizing your harming interaction with the environment. Syn: reycled.

Tolerance. When, no matter what stimuli, you do not react, or ‘are appropriate’… and then just need more.

Unsustainable. Why Sustainability Must Happen by Imp-pathy.

What Is…Is. Whatever Elites feel is right at every level that is everywhere but never gets anywhere so you get progressively nowhere.

Your gods. All your wrong gods, especially you, until You Be Tolerant and Sustainable, by getting justice [see FDR’s Freedom of Religion on Earth].

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