I Declare!

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by Buck68™, June 27th, 2011
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Preface: I read Michele Bachmann’s Presidential candidacy declaration here:

The following I received most imperfectly…trying to walk a couple steps in her shoes… and hereby relay to Americans for their consideration.

What is the same in America in this campaign? We politicians talk a lot, solicit money, make promises, make deals, declare ourselves ‘the one’, and… blame other people, places, and things. People of all stripes largely hear who, what, when, and how they want to hear. All of us thus contribute mightily to continuing basic human problems that must be ‘their fault’ – because ‘we’ are ‘good people’ just ‘trying to be ourselves’. So what “values” are tellers and listeners exercising together? In today’s buzz words, we all are “imaging and marketing transparency, honest.” The base relationship in each and all of these terms and their endless imitations is… deception. All the animals do it, and none of them do anything wrong. Deception is essential to the Truth of Science: the base human relationship is Survival of the Fittest by Natural Selection.

So any human being aspiring to become more than a natural animal… is continually faced with that elementary Awareness Test of …Awareness. In every thought, word, and deed … do I keep doing what I’m already doing – deceiving myself and others for advantage? Or, do I try to do the impossible for an imperfect being: ‘be honest…this time’?

Doesn’t it sorta look like the deck is stacked against honesty? Well… has it ever been… not so?

So, the essential question of this presidential campaign is whether it will become an Isolated Harming of Honesty… in our Environmentally Progressive Emotional Seas of Apology, Blame, and Fighting Back.

Why would any nice natural person or group, strangely stop doing what comes naturally and habitually and… suddenly decide to sacrifice selflessly for a common good? Especially when that requires honesty – and honesty gets you attacked and ruined from many directions in a heartbeat!

I don’t know. But, it sure seems like this ‘honesty’ is ‘risky business’ with a lot of ‘pain and suffering’. Now, as an experienced Tax Attorney, already I’m feeling a deep cultural need to sue whoever for whatever for ever.

What’s even better, I have this continuing, passionate urge to “feel right in my own mind” about whatever I’m feeling. That makes it ‘so right’ so easy, so I can ‘just move on’ to… more of whatever I feel. One important thing about my awareness here: I am certain that when OTHER PEOPLE feel, think, say, or do what THEY feel is “right in their own mind”… they are …so often, so wrong. Not just often wrong, but so often, so wrong. It’s… so sad. Now, where was I before I became so… empathetic?

Oh yes, this campaign. Is it a campaign like all campaigns of whatever size and time: a bunch of nice liars lying to themselves and each other while ‘targeting’ others to get enough people ‘on my side’? Isn’t this emotionally how We The People elect so many leaders that no sane American would ever vote for?!

I hope you therefore share my hope for this campaign. It is a hope that is not mine. Nor, can I take it from or give it to you. This hope is from a faith that is also not mine, but a gift that is as real as it is a mystery as to why it was given to me. This faith is a faith that, if I follow and keep on seeking The Truth, I gain a means to recognize right and wrong, and what I ought to do. This in no way makes me ‘better’ than any person, much less makes ME… ‘right’ in any way. It simply helps me occasionally recover from my natural, scientific self to choose to try to ‘honestly’ sacrifice for every American individual’s endowed inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I mean sacrifice for… because I am not worthy to help others.

Two more things. First, I’m running for President of the United States, not President of any part of the rest of the world or the people therein. Second, there is always a minority – sometimes but a remnant – of those individuals who sacrifice for others. If there are ‘enough’ minorities for our latest greatest American crisis, ‘we’ will overcome it if enough of us temporarily choose to discriminate by those examples. If not, we won’t. If not, America will go the way of every other human civilization, culture, or group that sin-searly felt it was… so exceptional.

In conclusion, I Officially Declare My Candidacy for President of the United States under this question: will God Bless America?

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