I Hate What America Has Become

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“I Hate What America Has Become” – a Response
by Buck68™, October 31st 2010
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First, it seems to me that this writer expresses emotions and behaviors common…to us all.

Among them:
Name Calling

Perhaps we could accept, then, that we have something else in common: in all our Diversity, we are Universally… part of the problem. What problem? May I explore questioning about ‘our problem’, to find bases for finding common ground…on which to… find common cause?

What Is Our Problem?
1-Who Am I. That’s number 1…because each of us, always starts from and can never ‘leave’ … our self.
2-WIGO [what is going on]. AKA, ‘how do I perceive whatever, however, whenever’?
3-How do I cope with my surroundings and other people.

This start may seem trite, obtuse, useless, and so forth, but. But, don’t we all know that, if one builds his tangible or intangible building on a faulty foundation…the greater the building, the harder it will fall? So, whatever feelings I have about someone else’s building, I sure don’t want to build MY building…foolishly. Perhaps this is the beginning of ‘human relationships’: the elemental need to either work with or manipulate…others… in order to make me, better than…. Or perhaps this Response is way too long already and we just need to ‘do what comes naturally’…like the animals do. It does seem that, without seeking the better… we would do the natural.

But [always the but]. But, where does “better” …go? It raises the question of ‘the ends’ of better: either perfection, or catastrophe. Hmmm, I wonder…can the imperfect [human beings]…perfect themselves? Most importantly, can I ever ‘see’… ‘reality’?

If I cannot ‘see reality’, or perfect myself…I am left with minor rational problems in making myself better. First, no authority to define ‘better’…or anything else, for anyone other than me. So second, no means to ‘communicate’ except by mutual agreement about what things mean. Some call this a ‘dictionary’. Others…tend to ‘reinvent’ ‘whatever’ like we used to do. You know, as kids to ‘change the rules’ on our younger siblings in order to ‘stay in charge’.

Strangely, I just remembered my Mom saying to me [the oldest child], “if you keep doing that to them, what are you teaching them to do to you when they feel ‘big enough’”?

And now I remember another ‘thing that happened’ to me. This one was very gradual and I didn’t ‘notice’ it until decades later. Remembering my parents, they were first, for want of a better term, ‘god’. Then, they became two people I tried my best to ‘be on their side’, so I could ‘be the favorite’, so I could be ‘favored’. Then, they became who I rebelled against. Then, they became the two dumbest people ever. Then, after I left them, they slowly over years began to ‘recover’. About the time my parents started to seem, well…’ok’ …I noticed I had become… a parent. Then one day while being King on My Hill with My Children [the chosen ones, so to speak]… it suddenly hit me. I…had become…’them’ – my parents.

And some of what I “had become” … I “hated”. So… naturally I tried the fastest, most common remedies: I denied it, I avoided it, I renamed it to whatever felt better, I blamed my parents, I just moved on, I gave myself makeovers and ‘turned over new leaves’. At times, I even became “troubled”.

I have since heard and read all kinds of interesting stories about this phenomenon. The funniest ones are those that remind me of …me, but are funny because they are ‘totally, honestly, actually, really [THAR] about… ‘them’. Go figure.

Please…do not ask, wonder, or even fantasize whether this ‘family story’ … has…’anything to do with’ every person, every family, every generation, every group, every culture, every civilization… since… whenever. Don’t we just “love” the phrase, “don’t go there”?!

So, what’s the point of all this obtuse rambling? Humorously, I would suspect it’s merely an example of what I keep on doing naturally: avoid The Point. You know…the foundation. The Start. The Grand Unifying Theory. The Purpose. The only [I cannot even Name It and ‘be appropriate’] …Thing …we must SEPARATE our selves from to ‘be all we can be’!

I suspect that, whenever any person “comes to his senses” … he ‘knows’. I know I know…because I immediately want to ‘lose my senses’ again…as the Teutonic Germans used to say, “for personal reasons”. I just wanna “hold Him accountable” but… I do NOT wanna ‘believe in Mister Perfect’ be – cause… well … uh… then I would have to do as He says.*

Now I HATE it whenever this ‘happens’ … to Me. Yet…I heartily and ‘with passion’ join This Anonymous Author in always seeing it in ‘them’. Hmmm. What’s a nice reasonable person just being myself to do about all…you totally hate-able people? Could I join a … ‘hate group’ … with ‘beliefs’ … that ‘made me do it’? Heck…even millions of faithful rescued by love… can’t wait to hate… ‘them’. And millions more have all kinds of holy whores. But billions of us… ‘just move on’…faithfully building our hearts ‘my way’.

What a pleasant pastime to…avoid questioning ‘Who Am I’. And apparently, in this American ‘family’ of ours, now being reinvented as … ‘having Diversity’ more and more faster … Nobody Knows, and Everybody No’s. So America – started as an “Experiment” – has become … “Exceptional”. Yet our universal solution is the same as it has been from the beginning, is now, and ever shall be – Universal. Just as our natural choice is… DIE-versity. Did I choose unwisely? I’m only being myself… and, whenever ‘appropriate’, I hate you for it.

*This paraphrases the interesting late 1970’s exchange between internationally renowned English TV Interviewer David Frost and British Philosopher/Educator Bertrand Russell. Paraphrasing again, [Frost] ‘Do you believe in God’? [Russell] ‘No…because if I did I would have to do what He says.’

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