I too am ‘on vacation’…

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by Buck68™, September 9th 2010
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I too am “on vacation” – a nice and accurate way to say I’m just feeling, choosing, and doing whatever I want whenever yes I can to always be there for myself. I too keep getting distracted during my vacation for me. Absent a greater thing or purpose than me, me is my purpose and ‘vacation’ accurately describes me in my natural habitat.

In my opinion, subjectively compared to the things I’ve read and heard of Glenn Beck, this article is his best for simplicity, significance, inclusiveness, and appeal. My opinion describes what distracted me from my vacation. The following describes my distractions.

[Please first read Beck’s article at the URL below. Bold words are in Beck’s short article.]

1-What is wrong with us? This is as continuing, simple, and useful a question for each of us…as it is popular to avoid it for ‘us’ and use it to blame ‘them’. This question form assumes the negative about “us”. In logic, this is known as a ‘loaded question’. How about “who or what has authority in everything”? Or the personal version: who am I and how do I ‘fit in’?

2-If you are given a right, are there responsibilities that come with it and consequences if you exercise it? Or, simply “what is ‘the rest of the story’ past how I feel about anything”?

3-I constantly see words like good, bad, better, and worse. What do they mean?

4-If we each and all possess this power to ‘choose’, then who is affected by our choices, and who chooses how to be affected?

5-Why should we “rise above“? I’ve heard daily for years … “it doesn’t rise to the level”. If Evolution and Progress are ‘facts’, then it is true we always get better with more experience. Well, then we can ‘be… whatever… we want’ be-cause ‘just move on’ is always happening. The only “problem” with all these facts and truths I keep being told…is that all of them contradict themselves and the others, ‘choice’, logic, and What Is Going On [WIGO] between all us beings.

6-If we ‘do what we can’, what keeps happening?

7-How is “choosing not to do”, different from choosing whatever you feel?

I dunno. But. Always the but, eh? It just looks and feels and sounds to me like ‘we’ …who used to be called ‘Americans’ … are destroying America, while American identity theft ‘is happening’. The Experts who tell us Science and Evolution and Progress are ‘facts’…call this… “entropy”. Math proves entropy by multiplying imperfections.

So…how do I, any person, or any group, “rise above” or “elevate” …from all these “burnings” when all of Science keeps proving for a fact we keep descending while Evolving and Progressing?

Today, I just saw and heard our President on TV say “we Americans” are “built on the notions” of… “religious tolerance”.

May I ask you, the reader, what do you ‘build’ on your ‘notions’? Is that preacher building a book burning on his notions while ‘we’ are ‘having tolerance’…except when we’re not ‘notioning’?

Just taking our President at his own word, in his own words: our President has built himself on his notions. Have you?

Me…I have a notion to vacation. There could be more to life, but I would have to Regress and Devolve and choose some intolerances, just to begin to explore….

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